Fun with Dad Christmas Edition

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Family Fun With Dad

We’ve scoured the internet looking for meaningful ways that other dads celebrate Christmas.  We have included links at the bottom of this article to other suggestions.

“How much longer till Christmas!?!”

If you can’t take that question one more time, The UpSide has a solution for you.

A new Christmas Tradition.
Movie Party

It was Christmas week 1995. My four-year-old was now at the age where he totally remembered Christmas and the excitement and anticipation were almost too much for him. This was the same kid who barely slept the night before his birthday or Christmas for much of his childhood (funny how the teenage years tend to eliminate sleep problems).

I had a 20-month-old and a mile-long to-do list and as Christmas got closer I didn’t know what we would do with the mounting energy of my eldest. On December 23, the day before Christmas Eve, I suggested to my husband that we get of out of the house and do something with the boys—how ’bout a movie?

Fun with Dad, Christmas Tradition

Great idea! As soon as he was done with work, we would go. I checked the newspaper (remember when that’s how you found out what movies were showing?) and saw a Disney movie that looked pretty good, Toy Story.

When Jim came home from work, we bundled the kids (Minnesota winter) and headed to the theater. Popcorn and candy to make it a real movie and we settled down to see what this was all about. Oh my. We could not have picked a more perfect movie for our four-year-old and even the baby was into it. We laughed, we cheered, we went to Infinity and Beyond in our enjoyment of this clever, creative production.

-Taken with permission from The UpSide


christmas-multicultural-kids-tree-21989228This is an easy tradition for the whole family. Most theaters have a discounted rate for matinee performances. Then, you can get home at an early hour for a light dinner (as Nancy pointed out).  The fun of the movie carries everyone through the anticipation of Christmas, but doesn’t take away from the excitement of the holiday.

Carmike Cinemas Ticket Prices $5.75 Monday-Thursday evenings

RiverView Theater (Minneapolis)

  • White Christmas 4:00
  • A Christmas Story 6:30
  • It’s a Wonderful Life 8:30

Cinema Grill (New Hope)

  • Pan 1:00
  • Inside Out 3:30
  • Minions 4:45


christmas-background-set-kids-22317409More suggestions from Dads Around the Internet

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