Free List for October 18-20, 2013

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Have you noticed we are changing things a little bit around here?  Nothing major, but I am no longer the sole highlights list creator.  Phew!  This is a great thing because Joy and Anne bring to your attention things I may totally overlook–intentionally or unintentionally– and it takes a little pressure off of me to be perky every week.  Because the lists are all about the perks of the weekend activities, I always felt like I should be perky myself.

However, after making the weekend lists, I am usually very excited for the weekend.  So I may start the lists feeling like I have to be perky, but by the end of the lists, I am super excited for all the different possibilities.  Either way, I must say that I absolutely love Joy’s lists and Anne’s lists because they are fun to read!

And now:  The List

Fairy Garden Workshop–for all ages 
Gerten’s University, Inver Grove Heights
Friday, May 18, 2013 1:00 pm

Register HERE

In my family, we love fairies.  I think the love was passed down from my mother.  She loves fairies more than or just as much as my girls (okay, and me too).  Also, my sister-in-law likes them a wee bit herself.  So when the word fairy is spoken, you have an attentive audience at our house.  We love going to Heartfelt and making fairies or building fairy houses or digging in Lisa’s  fairy treasure boxes.  But Heartfelt isn’t the only place in the Twin Cities that feeds fairy fever.  On Friday, Gertens is welcoming all ages to come and build a fairy garden.  Learn how to build different cottages and lodges and set the garden landscape for a fairy paradise.

I am guessing that you don’t receive anything at the workshop; that they show you how to make it and then provide the supplies to do just that.



image used with permission

David LaRochelle and Mike Wohnoutka Moo!‘s Launch Party
Red Balloon Bookshop
Saturday, May 19, 2013 2:00 pm

It’s time to celebrate a COWmical book that has been years in the making.  And it only has one word.  Can you guess what it is?
It’s bound to be an aMOOsing party  with milk and cowkies, moo balloons, and the chance to meet David LaRochelle and Mike Wohnoutka.  You won’t want to miss out on this mooey-groovey party!!


WinteroftheRobotsKurtis Scaletta Winter of the Robots‘ Launch Party
Red Balloon Bookshop
Sunday, October 20, 2013  2:00 pm

You aren’t going to want to leave Red Balloon on Saturday because they are hosting another Launch Party on Sunday.  This time for a crowd of more advanced readers.   What is going to happen when you put together a junkyard, four science nerds, and  seven feet of snow?  I have no idea, so to prepare myself, I better read The Winter of the Robots to find out!

At this launch party we get CAKE!  You will get to meetMeet author Kurtis Scaletta who lives right here in the Twin Cities and build your own robot in the LEGO junkyard!


MCM_LogoChildren’s Museum Free 3rd Sunday 
Minnesota Children’s Museum
Sunday, October 20, 2013 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Minnesota Children’s Museum reaches out to the Twin Cities community by making themselves open to the public for free every third Sunday of the month.  That means on the 20th, you can get into the museum for free.  However, be prepared to wait as they limit admission each hour on this very busy day.  It’s a great exercise in patience for everyone!


Gianna Kordatzky is a co-founder of Family Fun Twin Cities.

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