FFTC BookHounds with Maryann Weidt, June 28, 2017

We had a great time at Bookhound’s Maryann Weidt storytime. Weidt is the author of Mama Loved to Worry. Learn more about Maryann in our directory.

The kids did so great listening to the tall tale that she wrote about her own mama.

Check out our discussion with Maryann and the kids below. Learn about how Maryann came up with the idea for this book.

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Maryann Weidt Storytime Discussion Points:

Who was your favorite character?

Do all Mama’s worry about their kids?

Why was the title “Mama Loved to Worry“?

Were you a kid who got in trouble? Have you ever gotten trouble?

If you would like your own copy of Mama Loved to Worry, follow the affiliate link in the image below. Family Fun Twin Cities receives a small commission for sales through our site.

Maryann Weidt Storytime - Mama Loved to Worry

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Sticking With Family

Rick and Angela Blesi - Sticking with Family

Rick and Angela Blesi

As a bonus to our storytime with Maryann Weidt, Rick and Angela Blesi joined us from Sticking with Family and showed us their books

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We will see you on July 12 for John Coy!

BookHounds with John Coy

We will see you on July 12 for John Coy!

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