Family Fun With Dad–Disc Golfing in the Twin Cities

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Family Fun With Dad


October is a tricky month in Minnesota, weather-wise.  On the beautiful days, you will probably want to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  Todd Miltenberger (the mastermind behind our beautiful logo on FFTC) has a great suggestion that he and his family like to do together: Disc Golf.

Family Fun With Dad

Todd and Andrea have two kids, Zeke-12 and Myriam- 9.   Their family loves to spend time in the outdoors, but they also love a good movie.

“Friday home-made pizza and movie night is tied with campfire smoritos in the northwoods.  I think I like food!” Todd said about two of his favorite activities to do with his family.  The smoritos are amazing.  Wrap s’mores ingredients inside a tortilla and melt it on the campfire.  The Miltenbergers introduced these to our family, we couldn’t be happier!

Todd is a very active dad.  He is passionate about cycling (he grew up with a family owning a bike shop) and hiking/climbing. Each winter, he likes to make a quinzee (snow cave) in the backyard and camp out their with his kids.  And he makes some of the best Halloween costumes I have ever seen for Zeke.

Disc Golf (the proper name for Frisbee Golf) is a family fun activity for the Miltenbergers.  It’s one they can enjoy easily in the Twin Cities with the different courses around the metro.  Many of them are free.

Disc Golf: a game in which a concave plastic disc is thrown into each of a series of metal baskets situated on an outdoor course, the object being to complete the course using the fewest possible throws.  

In other words think golf with a frisbee-like disc instead of a small ball and clubs. (It’s not Frisbee Golf since Frisbee is a brand name, much like Hooping is not Hula Hooping since Hula is a brand name. If you want to get technical.)

Disc Golfing is a easy sport to jump into.  You need two things.

    A. Bassett Creek: FREE
            “This is fairly close to home and church.  It’s  free with 15 holes and not too many places to lose discs.”
    B. Ham Lake : FREE
         Ham Lake
           “I haven’t played since the back 9 has opened up though. There are not too many trees, and it’s easier for beginners.”
    C. Central Park: FREE
         Brooklyn Park
              “This course has only 9 holes and a practice green.  Andrea and I have good memories of nearly losing a disc in the bed of a moving truck.”


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