Family Fun: Trick-or-Treating at Twin Cities Grocery Stores & Pearsons Candy

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I’m not sure how we pulled it off — between picking up the kids at school (4pm) and arriving breathlessly but on time at dance class (6pm, on the other side of town) we managed to hit three Twin Cities businesses for a little pre-Halloween trick-or-treating. It was a whirlwind of in and out of the car, down the aisles, mixing up treat bags and cheering as we evaded rush hour traffic.

Trick-or-Treating Grocery Stores and Pearson Candy Cmpany

The hasty dash for treats was done mainly in the name of research — I put together this post for Family Fun Twin Cities — to scope out the best places in the Twin Cities to trick-or-treat at local markets and grocery stores. We picked one Tuesday afternoon and hit up two of our go-to groceries:

Trick-or-Treating Grocery Stores - LundsLunds & Byerly’s stores host Boo Blast at more than 20 locations around the Metro area over a spread of five days. At our closest store, Lunds in Highland Park (St. Paul) the kids made the rounds of treat stations and played a few games. I was happy to note that only a handful of the stops doled out candy; most offered healthier options such as veggies, cheese sticks and granola bars.

Kowalskis Markets hosts their Boo Bash one day only each year but if you’re willing to squeeze down its narrow aisles and tough-to-navigate passageways, you’ll be more than rewarded with snacks for days.

Our third stop broke the mold; instead of a market, we headed to Pearson’s Candy Company’s annual Halloween Celebration. While it wasn’t the kids’ top pick for goodies (most of the candy at the event must be purchased), they enjoyed the carnival-style games, roving magician and the fun decor.

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