Tail Time at Wild Rumpus Books, Minneapolis: Family Fun

Tailtime sign at Wild Rumpus in Minneapolis Minnesota. Sign says: "tailtime. nothin' like a good storytail. Mondays at 10:30a.m. Tots and Kids Welcome.

It figures I’d pick a day to go to the Wild Rumpus bookstore when I’ve spent the morning swimming in laundry, tripping over the vacuum cleaner and coming to the sinking realization that we’re truly outgrowing our house. But I had already planned to take the girls to “Tail Time” at Wild Rumpus. What’s a little more claustrophobia? Might as well make a day of it!

You can begin by ducking through the preschool-sized purple front door. Then, you can try to get a seat for the wildly popular storytime (ongoing Mondays at 10:30am but apparently impossible unless you show up a half hour early). The bookstore was so packed that we abandoned hopes of any “Tail Time” and the girls decided to pursue their own activities – Emily found a cozy reading nook and Olivia wanted to scout out the various animals that inhabit the shop.

Family Fun: Tail Time at Wild Rumpus Books, Minneapolis

We found a regular menagerie: cages full of birds, ferrets, chinchillas and a lizard. Cats lazed about atop towering displays of books. An aquarium glowed in the bathroom and I’m quite sure chickens scuttle down the narrow aisles between the bookshelves, though we didn’t see any this trip.

Claustrophobic, yes, but still great for the little ones. And the animals make this independent bookstore truly unique in the area. A lot more fun to stumble over them than my piles of laundry back home.

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