Family Fun: A Scottish Ramble – 2018 Final Year

2018 was the last year of the Scottish Ramble

Scottish Ramble

A Scottish Ramble was an annual event held at Landmark Center in St Paul. 

A family tradition that dated back years before the word “blog” entered our collective lexicon. Not quite as far as the original Highland Games of Scotland, of course, but encompassing many aspects of them: the skirl of bagpipes, swishing of kilts and family members distantly connected to those ancient Scottish clans.

The highlight of A Scottish Ramble wasthe Highland Dance competition. A collection of flings, reels, hornpipes and jigs is set to the pipes and echoes in the beautiful Cortile of Landmark Center.

Scottish RambleWe also made sure to catch a performance by musician Ross Sutter. A longtime favorite performer of ours, we’ve followed him to libraries, parks and other festivals over the years. Our best-loved encounters have been at the Ramble where he led our growing family in traditional songs and dances.

This event was one of many wonderful cultural events hosted by Landmark Center throughout the year. Rounding out the music and dance are food (we like the shortbread cookies and meat pies), vendors and cultural presentations.

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Look for other cultural events at the Landmark Center’s Urban Expedition Programs.

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