Family Fun Idea: Kerfoot Adventure Park

Kerfoot Adventure Park

Lee Kerfoot, owner of Kerfoot Canopy Tour and Brainerd Zip Line Tours (aka Minnesota Zip Lines &  Adventures), likes to surprise us with invitations to do the next terrifying thing.  And I always surprise myself by saying yes.

Our first zipline experience was at Kerfoot.  While I had heart palpitations going into the experience, I came out ready to zip again (see our article here).  My husband and I got another chance, only this time in Thailand.  And our Thailand experience was not pleasant.  I wanted to be back with my Minnesota guides and their kindness and patience.  Even my husband, who does not have a fear of heights, said the same thing. 

High Adventure at Kerfoot Adventure Park

Kerfoot Canopy Tours has an Adventure Park unlike any.  Once again, FFTC was invited to preview this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and once again, we said yes. Lee invited us for another heart-stopping, death-defying experience. You may think I’m exaggerating–my children would definitely say I am exaggerating–but I would argue that I’m not.

We geared up with our harnesses and helmets and Y tails (bornax). Then, we were given an orientation and practiced our tweezles–a very specific system that locked our Y tails onto the safety cables.

After that we headed up to the Sieve (aka the entrance/exit to the park) and climbed 20 feet to the first level.  There are three levels–20 feet and the beginner’s course, 30 feet for the intermediate, and 40 feet for the advanced adventure-lover.  Plus, there is a Crow’s Nest a few feet above that!

I was terrified, but my children?  No problem.  They were crawling all over it like they didn’t have a care in the world.


Reasons why I love Kerfoot Adventure Park

  • Safety • Everyone’s safety is of first priority. Before we were allowed onto the platform, we had to learn how to attach and detach from the cables.  Our harnesses had to be properly adjusted.  At any point if you uncomfortable in your harness for whatever reason, one of the guides would come to you and make necessary adjustments.
    At one point, my 7 year old needed to have an extra length of the Y Tails added so that he could reach each element.  Instead of quickly adjusting him at the top of the first platform that had a railing, all the guides agreed that it would be a better option for him to be adjusted on the ground.
    Also there were always three guides.  Two on the equipment and one on the ground.  Aaron and I spoke about the idea of having even more!
  • Authority • I don’t mean the guides bossed us around.  I mean that while they were very comfortable on the elements and platforms, they respected the dangers.  Each guide was very calm and in control.
  • Encouraging and Kind • While they don’t want you to give up, they don’t just tell you want to do.  They make it their business to help you go past what you think your limit is but still have a good time.
    When Trevor walked me by my hand (quite literally) through the lowest level, he constantly was helping me to breathe, relax and not think about the higher levels.  And when we were all done, he said, “But how do you feel?  Like a winner?  Because you did GREAT!”
Zipline in Minnesota River Valley
Minnesota’s Largest Canopy Tour

Details you need to know about the Adventure Park

  • 45 elements including:
    • cargo nets
    • tightropes
    • catwalk
  • three stories of varying challenges
  • 2 hours of (heart-stopping) Fun!

Requirements to play on the park

  • be 7 years of age or older
  • be accompanied by an adult if they reach 5”0” while standing flat-footed
  • can participate alone if they reach 5’5” while standing flat-footed
  • weigh less than 275 pounds
  • sign a waiver
  • wear closed-toe shoes
  • not be pregnant



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