Family Fun Twin Cities Holiday Guide

Family Fun Twin Cities Holiday Guide.

Currently, I am surrounded with Christmas ideas and giveaways and fun! 

As a parent, the month of December can get crazy!  As a child, the month of December is pure magic.

Let me explain.  We like to bake cookies.  Nope, let me rephrase.  We like to have cookies around.  I usually take a day and call it my baking day.  And honestly, I kind of hate that day.  My math for doubling the recipe sometimes quadruples the recipe and the kids are constantly hanging on me begging to decorate. They are waiting for the fun of decorating to begin, I am torturing myself.  All for the love of the season.  Sometimes I need help getting perspective.  And I’m sure sometimes you do, too.

Holiday Guide Categories

We would like to help you find a little of that magic again.  So we have thought out all the different categories of Christmas events you may be interested in

There is no shortage of things to do.  But sometimes the many options get overwhelming.  We want to help you make the best choices for your family.  Obviously, we can’t do all of it, but we can do something this year.  Maybe you can make it a part of your Christmas traditions, or maybe you try something new next year.  

This season, let’s take some time to enjoy our families and the magic.  We can have fun together by simply taking an evening to drive around town together looking at Christmas lights, visiting the Minneapolis Holiday Market or taking in a show.  Plan for an evening with your family.  Put it on the calendar today and look forward to it–together.

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