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Last year, I visited Feed My Starving Children for the first time.  It was a wonderful experience.  And one we have done again and again with my kids. This year, you can join FFTC on Monday, November 23 from Noon-2 p.m. 

If you are interested in joining us, we have reserved 20 spots for you to join us.  They have very strict age guidelines.  All volunteers need to be over 5 years old and the adult to child ratio is very important to adhere to.  If you want to come, but need childcare, please let us know under the contact button.  We will arrange for you to be able to come.

Click here to register to join our FFTC Packing Team.

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Feed My Starving Children


Practically everyone I know has volunteered at Feed My Starving Children.  I knew it was a good experience, even a life changing one, but what I didn’t understand was how much we were needed.

Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) depends on volunteers.  Without the volunteers, the food would never be packaged to ship to the countries in need.  And because you never know what you will get with volunteers, FMSC has created a well-oiled machine with it’s process.

Feed My Starving ChildrenOur shift was 2 hours long.  At 9:30, we watched a video and learned about what we would be doing and why it was needed.  Then, we were separated into different duties.  Some packed food, some labeled packages and some hauled supplies from the warehouse to the packaging centers.  Even at the food packing stations there was order.  2 scooped ingredients, 2 opened bags and weighed, one sealed the bag, and one packed the bags in the box.

Each packed box was celebrated at its station with a cheer.  There were a lot of cheers!

After an hour of packing, our crew packed 77 boxes.  It was incredible.  When packing was finished, they divided up the cleaning tasks and everything was shipshape in 10 minutes.  Okay, maybe 15.  On our way out, we were able to try a sample of the food that we packed.  For a staple food, it was delicious with rice, veggies, vitamins and protein–the children are able to get the nutrients they need to grow.

FMSC is a Christian organization and it doesn’t apologize for that.  It welcomes everyone and anyone who wants to pack food.  When the packing is done and the total number of meals packed is given, those who want to are welcome to go back into the storeroom to pray a Christian blessing over the food.  But there is no pressure and when we were there, half the group took off or shopped in their Marketplace and the rest of us headed into the warehouse.

Feed My Starving ChildrenIt was incredibly special to pack together with Kyla.  It was so significant that the food we were scooping and measuring, weighing and sealing was going directly into the mouth of another child.  We were honestly and tangibly feeding the poor.

It was a wonderful lesson for me.  Everything we did was simple but needed to be done right.  I had just as much opportunity to mess up as my 9 year old.  And I did.  This service project put us on the same level.  There was nothing that I could do better than Kyla–and that was a wonderful feeling.  We were both needed for the same thing.

I appreciate FMSC for the hands-on way we give back to the world.  I know I’ve said it before, but we were actually feeding the hungry.  We also were able to learn about nutrition needs and about other cultures.

Feed My Starving ChildrenFMSC relies on donations to purchase the ingredients and supplies and shipping fees.  It relies on people to volunteer and pack.  It also relies on God to take care of their needs to be able to help the needs in the world.

If you don’t think you can get to one of the three locations–Chanhassen, Eagan, and Coon Rapids–to volunteer, you can also consider purchase items from their Marketplace which helps support this organization.




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