Expectation Station – An MEA Weekend Performance by DanceCo


My family and I had an opportunity to preview the upcoming Expectation Station and we are so excited for the full show. Expectation Station is an original Dance adventure created by DanceCo and featuring a Who’s Who of Twin Cities family entertainment. Engineer Paul of the Choo Choo Bob Show will be the storyteller, while the Roe Family Singers will be backing him up with music. The show will be presented at the Avalon Theatre (home of In the Heart of the Beast Puppet Theatre).

Expectation Station

Tickets are on sale now.

DanceCo was created by Matthew and Brittany Keefe. After moving to the Twin Cities with their young daughter, they discovered all the amazing things our city has to offer families, but found the area of dance relatively untapped and decided to fill it by starting DanceCo.

“DanceCo’s upcoming show is inspired by a year of parenting. Regularly, my daughter and I saw the Roe Family Singers perform and we went to Engineer Paul’s Story time at the Choo Choo Bob Train store. I watched my daughter fall in love with trains and train songs, just like her Dad. I saw an opportunity to craft a stage production that combines trains and their music with dance and theatre to make something new and delightfully different. A show that grandparents, parents and kids can enjoy together.” -Matthew Keefe

What to Expect From Expectation Station

Expectation Station is a train story told through dance and song. Wikipedia’s List of Train Songs fills 71 single-spaced pages of text. This is where the Keefe’s started; but I promise they’ve narrowed it down to a reasonable number. Our preview did not get to include Engineer Paul or the Roes, so we are looking forward to seeing the full production.

Last year, I reviewed the newly-formed DanceCo’s inaugural production – Wolf Tales. Because it was dance, I took my oldest daughter, assuming she would be the most appreciative. She did enjoy it, but I wished I could have brought my boys, too. This year, I brought the whole family, and I’m glad I did. My older two children enjoyed the performance, but it was my kindergarten son who had shiny, excited eyes throughout the whole performance (a truth you can see in the video above). He struggled to stay seated, which was okay, so did a lot of other kids and sometime’s they were invited to participate.

Our toddler also enjoyed the whole performance. This is saying a lot, because 2-year-old children just don’t sit still for anything. (Okay, the video above shows she was sometimes squirmy.) While the younger kids are going to be the most enthusiastic, all of my kids want to go back for the full production.

Expectation Station Details

Dates/Times: October 17-22: Tuesday-Saturday Matinee 10 am; Friday-Saturday Evening: 7pm; Additional Weekend Shows: Saturday 2pm; Sunday – 12pm and 2pm
Price$10/person. Find Tickets Here.
Venue: Avalon Theater, 1500 East Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN.

**Disclosure: We have been offered tickets to this show, but this review was essentially written before that offer was extended; nor did it change any opinions.


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