How to Enjoy Union Depot Train Days for FREE and Scavenger Hunt Challenge

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union depot train days

Union Depot and Minnesota Transportation Museum are hosting Train Days this weekend and for the first time, the event is two days long. 

So you can come to FFTC’s Monster Bash on Saturday, and then hang out at the Union Depot and MN Transportation Museum on Sunday.  It’s a win/win. 

And if you come to the Monster Bash, you will receive a family pass to the transportation museum so the whole day will be completely free.

Union Depot Train Days

Here’s the free breakdown for Train Days 

  1. Come to Monster Bash on Saturday and receive a family pass to the museum. 
  2. On Sunday, park somewhere on University for free. 
  3. Download your free pass for the green line.
  4. Hop the green line and ride all the way to Union Depot. 
  5. Enjoy the festivities
  6. Hop a vintage bus provided by the MN Transportation Museum (free)
  7. Show them your family pass and be admitted for free. 

If you ride the historical buses from Union Depot to MN Transportation Museum and you do not have a family pass, you will receive a discounted admission into the museum.

For the first time ever, Amtrak’s Exhibit Train is at Union Depot.  

“What is Amtrak’s Exhibit Train?” you ask.

Union Depot Train DaysI’m so glad you asked because I was going to tell you. 

The Amtrak Exhibit Train a moving museum of the history of the Amtrak Train.  It walks you through each decade of it’s existance, and it’s fascinating. 

The Exhibit Train is a lot of fun to check out with lots of things to see and touch.  Here are some things to look out for on your Amtrak Journey. 




Union Depot Train Days Scavenger Hunt

Snap a Picture and upload on Twitter and/or Instagram.  Tag your photos with #UDTrainDays and @familyfuntc!

Here are some shots of other trains you may get to enjoy! 

Union Depot Train Days

TCWR Engine! Visitors of Train Days get to explore this engine. It’s a tight squeeze.

Union Depot Train Days

Enjoy the Amtrak Exhibit Train

Union Depot Train Days

The Soo Line reminds me of Chuggington. What do you think?

Union Depot Train Days

What train will go by when you are at Union Depot?

Union Depot Train Days

When I grew up in rural Minnesota, Burlington Northern was the train that was always running through town.

Union Depot Train Days

It’s real live history!

Union Depot Train Days

This is why Trains need Engineers to drive them.


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