Earn Some Christmas $$ as a Family

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Sponsored PostFocus Pointe GlobalThis past summer, my daughter wanted to go to Camp Shamineau.  We were excited for her, but we weren’t sure how we would pay for it.  Then, we qualified for two different marketing research opportunities:  one for me and one for Kyla.  By participating in these two experiences, we were able to cover 90% of the cost of camp!

Now, with Christmas approaching, extra income can become a huge priority. Participating in a focus group or product test is a fun and easy way to earn some extra spending money – from $75 to $250 for only a couple of hours of your time. Some opportunities even make it possible for your whole family to participate.

Joy and her family have participated in at-home taste tests, and I have participated in a variety of opportunities.  I have been in a focus group about the Minnesota Children’s Museum. I was a participant in a diaper study (that was a lot of work, but totally worth the paycheck). I have done multiple taste tests, at home and at a testing location.  I have also gone shopping at Target and reported my opinions right there on the spot with representatives from the research company. My kids have also done a variety of taste tests.

Here’s how market research companies work:

Businesses rely on the opinions of consumers.  Many different types of people are needed to test their products, evaluate TV programming,weigh in on social issues, conduct mystery shops, and participate in mock juries, to name a few. If you see a product on the store shelf or a commercial for a political candidate, chances are the final result came about based on the feedback offered in focus groups.

I have found it to be fairly easy to register for these chances. Most research companies have an interactive website where you can register and fill out your profile.  One of the top companies conducting opinion research is Focus Pointe Global, a national company with a location in Minneapolis. Their website is  www.focusgroup.com.

Market Research

Once that is done, you will almost immediately receive an email invitation to take a screener survey to see if you qualify for a particular research study. The studies are on a wide variety of topics, including baby products, social issues, taste tests, appliances, beverages, cell phones…just about anything you can think of and some are even online.

Whether you are able to participate in marketing research in person at the Minneapolis research facility or by going online, there are a lot of opportunities to make some extra money and have fun while doing so! Go to www.focusgroup.com to register.

Opportunities in early December: 

  •     Topic: Food. Ages: 20-44. Duration: 2 Hours. Compensation: $85. Link: http://bit.ly/88042CM
  •     Topic: Food. Ages: Children 8-17 and Adults 20-45. Duration: 90 Minutes. Compensation: $85.
    Link: http://bit.ly/88206CM
  • If you have a child or children in diapers and are interested in participating in a diaper study and would like to see if you qualify, please send an email toprojects@focuspointeglobal.com.

    Please tell us…
    Your Name
    Your Age
    Your Phone Number
    1. What size is the diaper that your child is currently using?
    2. What brand of diapers do you use?
    3. What is the gender of your child?


Sponsored PostFocus Pointe Global has sponsored this post.  Everything in this post is approved by us and is true.  Joy and I really have enjoyed a little extra spending cash due to participating in Market Research opportunities.  I think you will find it lots of fun to do something like this to help out with Christmas $$.


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  • Gianna, your strong christian faith and positive atitude is very refreshing. Please continue to help others who are of like mind and need encouragement!

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