Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas at Children’s Theatre Company

The Grinch is back in 2018. Reed Sigmund returns as the Grinch and you can expect much of the same great show as last year with some new features that we don’t want to give away.


photo by Kaitlin Randolph

It was a cold date night
And without a hint of a grimace
I held my husband’s hand
at  How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

That mean, old Grinch
starts out alone and sore
But your love for him
will grow three times bigger than before.

-Gianna Kordatzky

Of course, the Grinch (when we first encounter him, that is) would rather we leave the theater scorning everything about Christmas. That’s precisely what he’s been doing from his icy mountaintop cave for more than half a century. His only companion is his poor pooch Max, a closet Christmas fan and forced accomplice when the Grinch decides he’s going to rob the holiday from his neighbors in Whoville.

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FFTC received two free tickets to review the show but all opinions are 100% my own.

You’ve likely read of the Whos, a people with a passion for Christmas, in the pages of Dr. Seuss’ story. My favorite part of the show was watching these characters pop out of the story and onto the stage — in bright candy colors, singing, dancing, shopping frenetically for last-minute gifts. There are gentler moments among the Whos as well, proving that despite what the Grinch mistakenly believes, these families know the true meaning of Christmas.


photo by Kaitlin Randolph

Many kids are familiar with the story of the Grinch, and this works to the stage show’s advantage. (I recommend reading the book with younger children ahead of time to introduce them to the characters). Instead of being concerned with keeping children’s attention on the plot, the characters get to shine! The Grinch (Reed Sigmund) is awesomely over the top with his sickly green shag coat and passionate hostility toward Christmas (he might even frighten a toddler or two). We loved the tale’s twist of having an elderly Max (the dog) narrate the story as though it happened to his master many years ago. And Cindy-Lou Who — the tiny Who daughter — is a stand-out with her angelic voice and message of what Christmas is truly about.

2018 Fun Idea to Stretch the Night – Stop at IHOP (Kids Eat Free Every Day). For a limited time, they have a Grinch-inspired menu. I’m not sure how long promotion lasts.

Recommended for: all ages. The performance lasts just under two hours including a short intermission. Joy Here: Usually CTC’s age recommendations are spot on, but you may need to take “all ages” with caution on this one. My almost-3-year-old started crying as soon as the Grinch appeared, and I had to take her out. CTC has a “quiet room” where things are less intense, but that did not reduce the scare factor enough to stay. If you have a sensitive child, the appearance of the Grinch may be too scary.

Highlights: Reed Sigmund as the Grinch is 100% incredible.  He isn’t bound by the confines of the stage in more than one way!  He was definitely my favorite character. Natalie Tran as Young Max and Dean Holt as Old Max carry the story along.  I love how Max is fiercely loyal as well as stricken with grief over Grinch’s attitude. The audience participates in the story –willingly or unwillingly.  Other than old Grinchy-poo, my favorite characters were Grandma Who and Grandpa Who.

The Peters family would agree that Reed Sigmund stole this show. My husband said it was the best CTC show he’s ever seen. My boys, who struggle with sitting still for full shows, thought it was probably the shortest show they’ve ever seen at CTC. (It wasn’t. It’s almost 2 full hours).


photo by Kaitlin Randolph

Also, the casting was incredibly diverse!  Whos can be any color.  And they are EVERY color.

We really liked that this version sticks closer to the book than the movie version.

Directions & Parking: Children’s Theatre Company is located at 2400 3rd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55404. Parking is available in the adjacent Minneapolis Institute of Arts ramp for $6/5 hrs. There is also free street parking within a block of the theater.

Showtimes: November 6, 2018 through January 6, 2019.


photo by Kaitlin Randolph


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  • For some reason, my kids always refused to watch A Christmas Story with me until last year. Now they are already asking when we can watch it again. It’s silly and ridiculous and makes for great Saturday morning viewing with coffee/hot chocolate and some pancakes before heading out to play in the snow.

  • My favorite memory is the one we’ve created, going out for a walk on Christmas morning, before presents, after breakfast. Everything is so still, beautiful, so calming, we’re just focusing on being together, thinking of simple gratitudes.

    It’s our time to reflect, usually with nature on our side, about everything.

    Then we come home and PRESENTS!!!!

  • We love reading Merry Christmas, Stinky Face and T’was the Night Before Christmas.
    We are going to check out Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer at the Stages theater this year.

  • Our kids grandparents live in Arizona, so we don’t always get to see them for the holidays. Grandma narrated a Frosty the Snowman storybook and mailed it to the kids. Every year, the kids get to hear grandma read the holiday story to them!

  • So many to choose from! Besides the Grinch, we like to read Snowmen at Christmas, or St. Francis and the Christmas Donkey. Elf is a fun Christmas movie, The Charlie Brown Christmas is a must-see each year, and we enjoying watching productions of the Nutcracker on PBS.

  • everu christmas our mom would stuff our stockings with all kinds of strange fruit we never had or had never seen. Then after we opened our stockings we made an exotic fruit salad while mom and dad drank coffee. It’s a tradition I’ve started with my own kiddos 🙂

  • The Grinch is one of our family favorites as well, when we were younger, my sister would dress up as Cindy Lou Who and we would all watch the movie together! Great family bonding time!

  • We love Christmas books. A favorite last year was “The Sweet Smell of Christmas” because it is interactive. I read that book when I was young, too, so it brings back memories! Looking forward to seeing what captures their attention this season!

  • We have been reading Twas the Night Before Christmas to our son since he was a baby and he loves it. He is 6 now and we are looking to continue that tradition but also to find a show to go to every year. He loves going to see movies now and has been to a few theater shows. We thought this would be perfect!

  • We read “A Christmas Guest” so cute. We have lots of favorites, but I have had this one since I was a kid. My kids also always request “the Little Match Girl” but they always cry at the end.:( it is sweet though.

  • My husband and I love A Christmas Story and we watch it every year, a few times. We also love, as a family, the old school Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, classic! My family would love to win this!!

  • One of the books we like to read at Christmas is Silver Spurs a story about Santa and his littlest elf. It is one my mom saved from my childhood. Love being able to share it with my kids too.

  • For her 1st Christmas, our now 3-year-old daughter received an, “Away in a Manger” recordable story book, narrated by my husband’s aunt, who lives in another state. It is a lot of fun to hear Aunt Pauly’s voice, even though we don’t always get to see her at Christmas. This summer, it was the only book she wanted to read, so we are excited to listen to and read the book again now, when it is the proper season!

  • My favorite holiday story. The Holiday’s are my favorite time of year! Every year we have a tradition of building our gingerbread houses, making cookies, and seeing santa of course! To see the excitement in the kids brings me back to my childhood. They really make the season come to life.

    My favorite story would have to be when my dad, who loved Christmas, hung Christmas lights on the house on Christmas Eve. He was always a busy person, and he just light the time get away from him. He didn’t want to miss having the lights on the house, so he bundled up and started hanging them on Christmas Eve just to see the house lite up for Christmas.

    He also had a life size Santa that danced and sang that he put in the corner in the living room every year. Santa was great! The kids stared in awe at him as he sang his jolly songs. Dad always made the holiday’s come to life. His life was taken way too soon, and I now cherish all the memories I have of him.

  • One of our favorite holiday traditions is setting up the manger scene. We all take turns picking the characters out of a box with our eyes closed. Whoever gets baby Jesus has good luck for the year and whoever gets the donkey is the Christmas “you know what”.

  • We love the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer tv movie from the 1960s. ‘Olive the Other Reindeer’ is a fun Christmas story, and of course we love the Grinch!

  • My 4 year old loves to have us read The Night Before Christmas to him. We have several versions and he could listen to them repeatedly. Given that Christmas is his favorite (not even the presents – he is crazy about the decorating!), it is a perfect addition to our family time.

  • We love watching “The Sound of Music” every Christmas. Sure, the story isn’t actually a Christmas tale (or a winter setting), but it is a movie about the love of family and captures the holiday’s spirit of kindness and love. Every year, before the Christmas carols begin, we start to sing about our “Favorite Things” and remember that we already have much of what we need/want in life.

  • Our family loves to ‘A Christmas Story’. Despite the kid’s young ages (3, 5 and 8), the story of how the hard-hearted Scrooge learms to love and share touches us all. It is a wonderful way to connect us all to the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Two of our favorite holiday shows are a Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch (the original cartoon version). My children look forward to these every year and ask once Halloween hits when they can start watching them. We would watch each of them everyday if we could.

  • Hey! Our favorite book is twas the night before Christmas, and we love Charlie Brown Chirstmas, ELF and also a Christmas Story!
    Thank you!

  • We LOVE Christmas books. We have a collection of probably 60 Christmas books and each year add 1 or 2 to our collection. This year we are focusing on The Nutcracker since our daughter just started ballet lessons this year and we will be attending our first Nutcracker performance!

  • I remember when I was four years old on Christmas Eve I heard a noise coming from downstairs. So I flung out of bed and slowly came down the stairs and saw santa putting all the presents under the tree. From that moment on I believed in the that miracles could happen.

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