How to Make An Easy DIY Crafty Turkey for Thanksgiving

Cute Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Turkeys and Thanksgiving go together as well as kids and crafts, so I found (in my never-ending Pinterest searches — by the way, did you know that you can now organize your boards into sections? I think my life may now be complete) this adorable DIY turkey craft on Pinterest and simplified it for kids of any age.

Here is how to make this simple and adorable DIY turkey decoration:


Strips of paper
1–  2 inch x 12 inch
2– 3 inch x 1/2 inch

Paper feathers in an array of colors

2 inch circle for head

googly eyes

1 small yellow triangle paper

1 small pink/red teardrop-shaped paper


scotch tape

glue stick


 Using the glue stick, make the turkey face on the 2 inch circle
 Roll the strip of paper leaving a 3 inch strip out the back.  Tape with scotch tape.
turkey  Attach the yellow strips so they stick out opposite the paper “tail.” Glue the head on the above the feet
 Tape the feathers  to the back of the turkey.  The tail helps the turkey to stay up right
 If you want to use these a place holders, write a name on one of the feathers.
Crafty Turkey  And there is your adorable little turkey.

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