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Northtown Mall, Northtown Drive Northeast, Blaine, MN, USA
Burnsville Center, Burnsville Center, Burnsville, MN, USA
Northtown: (763) 786-1988;
Admission: $5.00
Ages 3-17: $5/15 minutes; $12/2 hours. 2 and under/Adults FREE
Hours of Operation:
Mon. Closed
Tue. Closed
Wed. Closed
Thu. Closed
Fri. Closed
Sat. Closed
Sun. Closed

We don’t know any details, but both the website and Facebook page for this business are gone as of December 2019 and neither of the malls list Tony’s Place in their directories any longer. 

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About Tony’s Place

Tony’s Place is an indoor inclusive play area specializing in children with autism and other abilities. However, it is open to all children. The play area started at Northtown Mall, but is expanding to Bursnville Center in September of 2019.  The mission of the inclusive play place is to be an accommodating play area that allows children with special needs to maneuver freely in a play place conceptualized for them. The playground incorporates an “environment that is produced with stimulating visual, auditory, tactile, and vestibular play supporting gross motor activities for kids of all abilities” and a “safe play experience that allows for learning, wonderment, and a chill zone for decompression”.

The Store

​There is also a retail portion to Tony’s Place. Families can find sensory toys and supplies that may be hard to find locally elsewhere

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