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The Minnesota UFC — aka Minnesota United — is Minnesota’s first Major League Soccer Team.

The mascot is the Loon and his name is PK.  Or is the loon a girl?  I’m not really sure.

When MNUFC is at home, they are playing  at the TCF Bank Stadium on the UofM campus which I thought was super fun.

Let me tell you two facts about MLS matches that I never knew.

Fact Number 1

Soccer fans wear scarves rain or shine, hot or cold.

Why?  I didn’t know and my soccer-enthusiast husband didn’t know either so I looked it up for you.

The soccer scarf phenomenon began in the early 1900s. This trend originated in the United Kingdom where fans needed a way to stay warm without sacrificing their team spirit. It was here that the idea of ‘team scarves’ was born. You have to imagine typical attire in the 1900s – black coats were commonplace and team jerseys were not. There was no easy way to show off what team you supported until you proudly wore your team colors around your neck. It was here that soccer scarves became a time-honored tradition that never faded.

While you are at a United match, you have the opportunity to purchase a scarf or two or three.  There are many different designs to choose from.

What they do with the scarves reminds of Homer Hankies with the Twins.  Soccer fans twirl them above their heads whenever our team has a corner kick.

Like I said, I do not know why.  And it’s only for corner kicks.  Nothing else.

Fact Number 2

If a soccer ball gets kicked into the crowd, you do not get to keep it.

Throw it back to the officials or people on the field.

It’s not baseball.  You don’t get souvenirs that way.

If you are interested in seeing the MNUFC play, right now is the perfect time since single-game tickets are fairly inexpensive starting at $21.

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