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401 1st Street, Princeton, Minnesota 55371
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This article was written in April of 2016. Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop has since closed. Check out For All of Maternity in St. Cloud.

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Faith Goenner is the proud owner of Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop & Spa. And she should be.  

Mama Gracie's Pregnancy Shop

“Approximately 5 years ago I married a country boy named Corey. My son Amani is 21 years old and attends NDSU. My parents and sister live in Minneapolis (where I grew up). We offer a maternity and baby retail shop and a spa with prenatal & women’s massage. Other services include prenatal yoga, birth education classes and hosting events.”

You don’t have to drive to Princeton to shop. Mama Gracie’s offer’s FREE SHIPPING and gift wrap (if requested).

Mama Gracie's

Faith stated, “We were birthed Labor Day 2015.”  Faith wanted to create a space to talk about birth. Through products and services, she can keep the doors open to be available to provide 

Mama Gracie's

Emma, Certified Massage Therapist, made it possible to open the spa and offer the massage services. “We had so much fun this winter with a group of pregnant mamas who have recently had their babies.”

Mama Gracie'sMama Gracie’s has a big hurtle to overcome namely “big box shopping” and Amazon.  “So many small shops closed during the past recession.  I think we have forgotten what it is like to shop at a local shop who know you. We hope to bring this back to our community and even via online.” Faith has just begun to send a note with each package shipped to customers who are purchasing maternity and nursing wear.

As a burning desire in my heart ever since she managed a local consignment shop during high school and college, Faith has wanted to own her own shop. Single motherhood put dreams on hold until she moved to Princeton a few years ago. When she inquired about opening a new shop in town, she learned Princeton was have a competition for a new business called Princeton’s “It Starts Here” Challenge. She went home and declared to her husband that she was “going to go for it.” She won the competition and after leaving a 20-year career, Mama Gracie’s Pregnancy Shop & Spa was more than just a dream.

Mama Gracie'sFaith’s most rewarding experiences at Mama Gracie’s

1. We are hosting a 36th Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon that was started 35 years ago by a local woman named June. June had started this luncheon selfishly because her mom had died and she wanted to be around mothers on Mother’s Day. June and a group of ladies made the food for 70 women each year. June had to step down from this event and we were able to pick up and continue it. It will be held Wed. 5/4/16 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm at the Princeton Civic Center.

2. The first New Moms Night Out via Princeton Community Education was another highlight. We had 4 mamas attend and 3 brought their new babies. We learned about babywearing, organizational skills, infant massage and made an essential oil make & take. It was so fun!

3. Prenatal yoga. What was so awesome is they were from all walks of life. It is so fun for me to see women who wouldn’t maybe cross paths have a space to meet each other who are all pregnant.

Mama Gracie'sMama Gracie’s is a Fit For Everyone

“We have had mamas who can’t wait for the epidural to those who want home births. This was the space I wanted to create, and it is so rewarding to see it happening.”  Faith runs not only a business but a community for mamas. She is passionate about shopping local, selling products made in the USA and supporting people to live out their dreams.


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