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Knockerball MN
Contact via website
Rentals $225-$400
We believe this company has gone out of business.

Sorry. It looks like Knockerball MN has gone of out business. Both their website and Facebook page are gone. If you are looking for fun things to do with kids outside, we recommend:

  • 60 Fun Outdoor Games for Kids This Summer
  • You could also purchase your own Knockerballs through our Amazon affiliate link. Note though, that we do not have personal experience with these bubbles, so we can’t recommend either the rented or the purchased bubbles through personal experience.  If you do end up purchasing or renting them, come back and tell us about your experience.  We’ll share with the community!

What Was Knockerball MN?

Knockerball MN was a local rental source for Knockerball (also known as bubble ball or bubble soccer) equipment. This game is basically soccer with the added wrinkle of a bubble around each player. Other games, such as bowling and playground games can also be played with the bubble suits. I was not able to find any safety statistics from anyone outside the bubble ball industry. While there are instances of injuries – especially among high school aged players — the game appears to be as safe as any other sport when played properly.

Knockerball MN

Birthday Parties with Knockerball MN

While the company appears to be out of business, we are sharing the following information for comparison purposes:

In 2016, rental of 10 suits started at $225-$250 for one hour to $375-$400 for three hours. Also included in the rental price was delivery and set up/tear down, balls and equipment, and music.

0 thoughts on “Knockerball MN – Out of Business”

  1. Hi,

    I am interested in renting these bubble suits. What are your rates and services for up to 1-2hours. I’m hoping to have at least up to 12-16 people. I see that it is up to 10 bubble rentals, do you have extras for rent for additional fees? Where can you play to use these items? Thank you

    1. Hi, Judy. I’m sorry, we don’t have a relationship with Knockerball MN. We’ve had no contact since they asked us to share their information in 2016, and it appears both their website and Facebook page are down. I’ve updated our directory entry accordingly.

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