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Opening in the Fall of 2018

JunkPark was created to provide a social space for children to play freely, unlimited by fixed play equipment and too much adult intervention. While parents are allowed to watch from a distance, they are not supposed to supervise and interfere. This would be a great time to bring a book or some sewing and just relax while the kids play. The children are not completely unmonitored; the park is staffed with playworkers who are trained to observe with minimal interference but are available. They are available to promote child-directed play, remove hazards and mediate any disputes. They will also help when requested, but children are encouraged to be independent.

The permanent Shakopee park hasn’t opened quite yet, but while you wait, check the park’s calendar for pop up events around town.


JunkPark – Bringing the Danish Concept to the Twin Cities.

Building on the Danish junk playgrounds created by architect Carl Theodor Sørensen, playgrounds scattered with building materials, discarded objects and tools that allow kids to build their own environment are becoming more and more popular. The (rather long) video below demonstrates this concept.

JunkPark Requirements and Restrictions

This park was created with children 7+ in mind and parents need to sign a waiver before children can play. Sturdy shoes are required and play clothes (the kind they can abuse) are recommended. 

JunkPark - Coming Soon to Shakopee

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