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Erin Soderberg is a local children's book author. She is also known as Erin Downing when she writes tween, teen and adult novels. And wait, there's more... she writes under pseudonyms, too. Erin has written books as Kate Howard (including a Captain Underpants book!) and Nessi Monstrata (Monster High books).

Erin is a delightful children's author and silly mama of three. Erin has taken the time to appear on BookHounds Invites in The Case of the Funnies.

Erin Soderberg Books:

  • The Quirks Series

Welcome to Normal
Circus Quirkus
The Quirkalicious Birthday
The Freaky Field Trip

  • The Puppy Pirates Series
Book 1: Stowaway!
Book 2: X Marks the Spot
Book 3: Catnapped
Book 4: Sea Sick
Book 5: Search for the Sea Monster
Book 6: Pug vs. Pug (December 2017)
Super Special #1: Ghost Ship
Super Special #2: Best in Class (June 2017)
  •  Monkey See Monkey Zoo

Local Author Erin Soderberg reads at Apple Tree-O

Erin Soderberg reads at Apple Tree-O

Erin Downing Books:

  • Best Friends...Until Someone Better Comes Along
  • Cheating on Myself
  • Dancing Queen
  • Drive Me Crazy
  • For Soccer-Crazy Girls Only
  • Juicy Gossip (Candy Apple #19)
  • Kiss It
  • Moon Shadow
  • None of the Regular Rules
  • Prom Crashers (Romantic Comedies)
  • SPACEPOP: Not Your Average Princesses
  • SPACEPOP: Rocking the Resistance


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