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A Woman's Design Logo
1711 W. County Rd. B., Suite 104-S Roseville, MN 55113

We were sad to learn that A Woman’s Design has closed permanently.

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About AWD

A Woman’s Design Doula & Childbirth Educators (AWD) in Roseville are created to walk along side women and families during such a precious time as pregnancy. Whether it is your first birth journey or tenth, AWD works to empower women and their families with education and support to trust their inner wisdom and make wise choices as they navigate pregnancy, birth and early parenting.

A Woman’s Design Services

Services included in AWD’s full-service doula, childbirth and family education care, include:

  • Support for all types of birth choices:
    • natural birth
    • medicated birth
    • inductions
    • Cesarean sections
    • VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
    • water birth
    • home birth
    • hospital birth
    • birth center
  • postpartum care
  • breastfeeding support
  • newborn care support
  • new parent support
  • nursery organization and light housework
  • access to community resources and referrals.
  • placental encapsulation
  • healthy pregnancy workshops
  • sibling preparation
  • birth services consultations
  • group and private childbirth classes.


A Woman's Design - Doula & Childbirth Education Services, Roseville, MN

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