Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Musical at Children’s Theatre Company 2022

Diary of Wimpy Kid Set at Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis, MN

Children’s Theatre has brought back Diary of a Wimpy Kid for a second run this spring. The musical originally premiered at CTC in 2016 but is back with some new scenes and songs for the spring of 2022. We had a chance to review it this weekend and apparently Jeff Kinney was in the audience with us, but we were clueless.

Confession of a Clueless Mom

Speaking of clueless, I often study ahead for these dates and encourage parents and kids to do the same, but I have never read a Wimpy Kid book or even watched the movies despite the fact that we own most of the books and the movies have streamed on Netflix and Disney Plus. As a result, I went into this musical with the vaguest idea of the plot. I guessed that it involved a diary and a kid who felt inadequate. Of course I was wrong about the diary. It’s a journal. (I’d have known that if I had even re-read Gianna’s review from 2016).

Kamryn Henderson, Patrick Scott McDermott and Indra Khariwala in Diary of a Wimpy Kid at Children's Theatre Company
Kamryn Henderson, Patrick Scott McDermott and Indra Khariwala

I brought my ten year old who is currently reading the Wimpy Kid books. I’m honestly not sure which of us enjoyed the show more. It was non-stop funny, but still managed to pull at our heartstrings and make us think a little. I came away with a little more of an understanding of the world that my tween boys navigate. I would definitely say you don’t need to be familiar with the books or movie to enjoy the musical, but I do have the audio version of the first book on order from the library now, and I’m looking forward to listening to it.

What We Loved about Diary of A Wimpy Kid

  1. The Music.  We were singing bits and pieces on the way home. One of my biggest complaints about CTC is that they don’t release an album to go with musicals they produce.  I hear the music once at the show and I want to hear it more, but it doesn’t exist outside CTC.
  2. Rowley. I completely fell in love with Rowley, who was played by Kamryn Henderson. This was Henderson’s first role with Children’s Theatre Company. I hope we get to see him again in the future.
  3. Patty Farrell. The perfect nemesis to Greg Heffley, Patty Farrell was played by Anja Arora, who also played an orphan in Annie last winter. She is able to showcase her talent a little more as Patty.
  4. Kind of Everyone. I started scrolling through the cast as I wrote this, and it is really hard to narrow down my favorite characters. They all were so much fun.
Anja Arora and Ensemble in Diary of a Wimpy Kid at Children's Theatre Company
Anja Arora as Patty Farrell

Things for Parents to Think About:

  1. The run time for this musical is two hours with a 15 minute break.
  2. CTC gives this musical an All Ages rating, but I would recommend older grade school through adult. The books are geared toward kids ages 8-12. I think that is a good target audience range for the musical as well. Two one-hour acts is a bit long for small kids to sit through; and many of the jokes would go over their head.
  3. Snacks are back, but the line was super long. We ended running to the MIA to get snacks (which was a mistake because it was Art in Bloom weekend, but you won’t have that crowd to worry about).
  4. If you saw the 2016 production, you’ll get some new treats in the 2022 show. New songs, new scenes, a different set, and of course all the young actors are different.
  5. We are still masking in the theater and lobby. Everyone is close together for a long time.
  6. You no longer need to provide proof of vaccination.

If you love theater that is just pure fun, then Diary of a Wimpy Kid is your show. You don’t need to know the books, the music is amazingly catchy and the characters are endearing and funny.


Performance Dates: April 22, 2022 – June 18, 2022
Tickets: $15-$78. Buy tickets online or by phone: 612.874.0400
Lap passes: Available for children newborn to three years for $5

  • ASL Interpreted Performances: Friday, March 20 at 7pm and Sunday, June 5 at 5pm
  • Audio Described Performance: Friday, May 20 at 7pm
  • Sensory Friendly Performance: Friday, June 17 at 7pm

Gianna reviewed Diary of a Wimpy Kid during is world premiere at CTC in 2016. Find her article in our Children’s Theatre Company review archives for a synopsis of the story line.

I received two complimentary reviewer tickets from Children’s Theatre Company to facilitate my review. Opinions are my own.

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