‘Dad’s First Day’ by Mike Wohnoutka– A Review

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Dad's First DayFamily Fun Twin Cities was given the opportunity to enjoy Mike Wohnoutka’s new book called Dad’s First Day, just in time for Father’s Day.

See FTC Disclosure Image Guide on sidebar We received the book to review.  FFTC did not receive compensation other than the product and, of course, once again, this does not sway our opinion!

Mike Wohnoutka is the author/illustrator of Little Puppy and the Big Green Monster and the illustrator of the widely popular book Moo! written by David LaRochelle.  He has been a part of creating over 20 picture books!

Personally, I adore his illustrations.  They are colorful, bright and lively.  They are exactly what you would want a children’s book to look like.  And Dad’s First Day is no exception.

Plus, the story is very tender and heartwarming.

The Gist

Dad and Oliver are going to his first day of school.  Oliver is ready.  Or is he?

We watch at Oliver enters into a new chapter of his life with his dad.

Is the first day going to be a successful day?

If you have a new kindergartner starting school this fall, you will want to read this book with him/her.  It’s not easy for mom and dad to send their little ones off.  I know.  This fall I will be sending my youngest to school. And honestly, I need this book to help me remember it’s going to be okay.

You can find this book at Red Balloon Bookshop and other bookstores.



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