Creative Exercising Alternatives–Acrobatics and Aerials, Dance

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Get Strong      Have Fun        Do Circus      (or Dance)

Family Dance

image courtesy Tapestry Folkdance Center

I traveled to Mongolia in the summers of 2000, 2001, and 2002 to teach English and to build relationships with the churches there.  While we were there, one of our favorite evening activities was hosting street dances.  We got the whole town out (well mostly our students) and played Cotton-Eyed Joe, Electric Slide, the Chicken Dance and so many others.

Every evening after those activities, I would collapse onto my bed, exhausted.

So it’s with fond memories and an excited heart to tell you about Tapestry Folkdance Center’s Family Dance in South Minneapolis.  Every 2nd Saturday from 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m., bring your family and learn some European and American folkdances.


image courtesy Tapestry Folkdance Center

It’s only $10 for the whole family!  What a great way to get out and play together.


Family Circus Class

image courtesy Xelias Aerial Arts Studio

If you want something truly exhiliarating, head to NE Minneapolis and sign up for age-appropriate classes at Xelias Aerial Arts Studio owned by Meg Elias Emery.

While adults and children are separated by age and level of competence from age three up to 103  (you might as well put me with the 3 year olds), your whole family is welcome to participate.  How fun would it be to be able to fly through the air with the greatest of ease with your entire family.

Meg stated that it’s a joy to watch adults master different skills and the preschoolers are just adorable.

Everyone starts on the trapeze, but according to your goals and skills, you can continue on the rope, Spanish Web, hoops, silks, acro-balance. wire (yes–we are talking the high wire here).

You may be asking what these things are.

Rope–Corde lisse (french for smooth rope) are aerial acrobatics on a vertical rope.

family circus class

Spanish Web looks similar to Corde Lisse, image courtesy of Xelias

Spanish Web– Similar to Corde lisse, but consists of a sleeve-covered braided  rope and a loop at the top to attach an ankle or wrist

Hoops–  I will let the picture speak for itself.

family circus class

image courtesy Xelias, Hoop at Adult Showcase


Silks– Vertical like the rope, but has much more to do with with twisting yourself into it.

Adult circus class

Beautiful Silk Routine, image courtesy of Xelias

Acro-balance–With your feet firmly on the ground (or on another performer’s legs), you can learn some amazing skills.

adult circus class

Acrobatics, image courtesy of Xelias

While the idea of swinging high off the air and climbing a rope to the ceiling causes my feet to sweat, I must admit that I would love to do something like this with my kids. How fun would it be to learn circus tricks together?

And all the while exercising. It’s a win/win!

Meg Elias Emery and her husband Sean Emery (you may know him from the MN State Fair–he performs at Baldwin Park and is highly entertaining) run a fabulous program for everyone to enjoy and from which we can all benefit.

Exercising doesn’t have to be just the same old monotony.  Go!  Play!  These classes encourage that!  And we encourage you to check them out.

Family Fun Twin Cities was not given any compensation for these recommendations.  These are gems in our community we want to support.


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