Creative Christmas Shopping

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I love the idea of Christmas Shopping.

I love the thrill of finding the perfect gift for that perfect person.

Generally, that perfect person is Ruhama (yes, one of our favorite Children’s librarians).

Honestly, I could buy a Christmas present for her every day of the year.  She is so EASY!  In fact, I have been holding myself back for the past year because I purchased her Christmas present at the beginning of the year.

But there are people in this world that are not easy to shop for.  And every year its a struggle to find a good present.  Let’s admit it, we aren’t even trying for perfect.  We are looking for passable.

This week, I want to offer you three different artisans from Wisconsin.  Since I am spending  Thanksgiving with family from Wisconsin, I thought it appropriate.  Let me show you what they have to offer you.  These gifts aren’t necessarily just for kids (although you will find things for kids), but let’s face it.  You need gifts for more than just your kids.

These shops will help you to buy for the adults in your life.



Black-Square-Stone-Wrapped-Earrings-150x150LC Timeless Creations (I bought my own wedding anniversary gift from Laura Conklin.  I have never done this before and don’t plan on doing it again, but what can I say? Her stuff was awesome.)  Her jewelry is perfect for the women in your life. She offers earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.   I have a tree of life necklace and I love it. Her website is extremely easy to navigate.  Here are some of the things Laura offers.


tree ornament card

Stamp ‘N Stitch (Ruhama Kordatzky Bahr is here to rescue you with all your Christmas card needs)  If you want some truly unique (completely onesunbust scarf of a kind) Christmas Cards, consider checking out Ruhama’s selection.  Her artistry is a cool combo of modern country.  I love the colors she uses.  Also, she does painted t-shirts (again LOVE them) and unique scarves.

sweets card


headbandColleen’s Crochet Corner (One of my dearest friends on earth is now making the cutest hats and scarves on earth!) If you need to update ablue bag loved ones winter wear, Colleen is the one to whom you should talk.  I have purchased 2 hat-and-scarf sets and I think I’m going to have to have one to keep.  (Sorry, family!)  She custom-makes them to your liking and has a whole bunch of different styles to choose from.

butterfly hat


Have fun checking these sites out.  I love all of their stuff.  I know you will, too.


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