Crafty Wednesday – With ARTrageous Adventures

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Fun at HomeThis month, I really wanted to make sugar skull crafts for our monthly art project.  As easy as this project is, I could not have pulled it off at home. First it would have required me to find a project online, print a list of supplies and navigate a craft store. I really hate craft stores – they are so overwhelming.  Then I would have had to get all my kids around the dining table, cater to their various levels of ability and interest, and referee the inevitable fights. Then, if I survived that, I would have to decide whether I would be cleaning up the mess myself in time for dinner or if I would try to make the kids help.

Thank goodness, Amanda Vallone volunteered to help us out. We headed over to Kenwood neighborhood to do our project in the ARTrageous Adventures studio.

Taking a Break at the Lego Station

This was my first visit to ARTrageous Adventures; and I fell in love.  There are bins full of paper scrap, fabric, and mixed media ready for kids to create. There are large pumps of paint. There is every kind of art supply a person could need. And best of all, there is an attitude of creativity.  Wait, NO!, best of all – the mess gets left there!

beartrageeous bins

Station One (our favorite station) was sculpting skulls out of air-dry clay.  Amanda gave us each a chunk of air-dry clay and set out markers, beads, jewels and feathers.  To start out, we just played with the clay a little.  It felt good just to smash it around and feel it in our hands.  After a bit, we started sculpting our skulls.  I chose to do something more traditional, while my family each did their own thing.  We ended up with an Alien Skull, a monster skull and a snake skull and little miss broke her clay in half so she could make two skulls – one for herself and one for her baby sister.

Sugar Skulls

Decorating was fun and easy.  We picked out our beads and jewels and feathers and pushed them into the clay.

Had we not been enjoying the process and the company, this project could have taken 10 minutes.  I think we spent about half an hour on it.  Then we moved onto making sugar skull masks out of paper plates.  Amanda had some plates pre-cut in skull shapes (using the outer ridge for teeth at the bottom), but some of us chose to cut our own.  Then we decorated these too.  We cut out paper hearts for facial features, glued on flowers and other bits and colored with markers.

Our Finished Projects

We are planning a Dia De Los Muertos celebration and will be using our creations to decorate an alter. We’ll eat a traditional Mexican dinner and my husband wrote a Day of the Dead EP that we can use as the soundtrack for our party.

ARTrageous Adventures provided my family with this private craft night to enable me to write this article before the holiday.  They will be offering several seasonal workshops and events to the public this month. Drop in studio hours are Monday through Saturday.

They are very excited to be a part of the Kenwood’s Halloween-Style Block Party – Thrill the World October 24th from 3:00 pm-6:00pm. This free program will include a “flash mob” dance performance of Thriller at 5:00 p.m. It’s open to all ages and physical ability levels.  If you are the practice ahead type, join some of the free dance classes at the Kenwood Rec Center or check out the practice videos on your own.

Remaining Dance Classes:

  • Saturday, October 17th, 10-11am
  • Friday, October 23, 7-8:30pm

Other activities include:

 Admission is free. Some activities there will be a small supply fee.

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