Crafts with Kindness Kit

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I think I have the world’s most crafty kids.  I’m not saying they are good at crafts–which they are.  I’m not saying they devise many a scheme–which they do.

No, my kids are the world’s most crafty kids because that’s what they want to do.  All. The. Time.

And guess what!  I hate crafts!

Hate them!

I think part of the reason I hate them so much so because there is no reason for them except to create a huge mess!  So I shun them.

However, what if the craft had a greater purpose?  What if the craft was a way for you and your child to take a moment and care for someone else?  What if–wait for it–you could bless someone with your child’s creativity?

Oh, yes!  This really does exist!  Sarah from Big Hearted Families sent me the Messages of Care Crafts With Kindness BabbaCo Box to check out and do with my daughters. It’s been so busy at our house, though, I haven’t even been able to take the time to tell them what its called. However, we have LOOKED at it.

And oh, are they in love.



This box is the product of a collaboration of Big Hearted Families (I told you they would be back)–which is a project of Doing Good Together–Bright Horizons Family Solutions, and BabbaCo.

For $39.99, you get the tools you need to make piles and piles of messages of care.  All different kinds.  Let’s start at the top.  At the bottom of your box is a book to read with your kids called The Giant Hug by Sandra Horning.  It’s about sending a hug in the mail.  Along with the book comes a reading guide to have a great discussion with your child.

Then, it’s on to the crafts.  There are cards to paint to send to kids around the world who are sick with life threatening illnesses.  This specific project is called Send Kids the World.  This would be a perfect tag team project for my gifts.  One loves to paint and the other loves to encourage (her 2nd grade teacher says that she has a big fat heart!).

There is a small mailbox to decorate and a packet of supplies to write love notes to your family whenever you feel they need it. This packet is called Family Love Notes.   (What?  You can be kind even to your family?)

The Delicious Delivery supply packet is a little  more labor-intensive, but there again, this would be a great tag team craft.  One of my girls can bake (which is her favorite thing to do in the world–if she could cook every night for our family, she would.  However, the rest of the family would starve or there would be many trips to the ER) the treats and the other one can  decorate the box (since she didn’t get to paint the cards.  I can just picture my girls taking them to school and delivering them to their teachers.

I’m getting warm fuzzies all over and they haven’t even started any of the projects.


Okay, but here’s the kicker. You only have until Sunday, November 10, 2013 to place your order. I know $39.99 seems a little pricey, but let me break it down for you.  The book itself is worth $17.  The Art Supplies–stickers, paints, paintbrush, glue, pen, box, cards, fabric squares–would easily run you $25.  Already you have your money’s worth.  But they also include a metal mailbox and a bakery box.  This is well worth the $40.  Not only are you giving your child Crafts with a purpose, but you are giving yourself the easiest craft prep known to man.  Everything is done for you!

If you are interested make sure you visit BabbaCo to place and order.  And remember, it’s only good until Sunday, November 10!


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