Cookie the Walker by Chris Monroe – Book Review

We picked up Cookie the Walker in May of 2013. Before I could get home and read it to the kids our Second Grader picked it up and read it to the family. The first thing she said when she finished the book was, “Are there more Cookie books?” Sorry, no. But maybe Ms. Monroe will write more. (She hasn’t yet). This has been a favorite of my children since we brought it home. Cookie the Walker is recommended for ages 3 to 8. My three-year-old enjoys having it read to him and my eight-year-old enjoys reading it.

Cookie The Walker

The story is about a dog named Cookie who has a special skill of walking on her hind legs. In the beginning, she does it because she finds it a handy way to reach things that are high up (like treats) and because it amuses her people.  However, pretty soon she begins to gain notoriety for her talent and people (who may not have her best interests at heart) want her to do it all the time. Cookie’s close friend, Kevin, acts as the voice of reason throughout the story. At first, he is supportive; but as things begin to get out of hand, he becomes concerned for his friend.  In the end, Cookie has to choose between fame and fortune (in the form of treats and bacon!) and being true to herself.  I doubt any of this will resonate with my kids too deeply right now, but it’s a nice value to start instilling in them early.

Cookie The Walker by Chris Monroe
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This book does not really pass my read over and over and over again standards.  I prefer books that flow for reading out loud. This book is written in comic-book style and I don’t like sharing comic books.  I think comic books need to be taken as a whole. The words are part of the art, and I just want to quietly soak it in.  However, I’m probably the only person who feels this way.  Either way, this is a great book for early readers, and if you are lucky enough to have a grade-schooler that likes to read out loud, everyone will all enjoy it.

 This Review was originally written in May 2013

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