The Color Run – A Family Fun Event

I can’t count the number of times I have been asked, “What is The Color Run?”  Here’s the answer:  It’s the Happiest 5K on the planet! It began in 2011 as a fun run around the US. By the second year attendance doubled!  Anyone can run (walk, skip, jog, dance). And I mean anyone.  If you can make it through 3.1 miles, you are welcome. 

Wait, let me make myself clear.  Any person can run at any age.  Dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, turtles, hamsters, fish (for obvious reasons) are not welcome.

How the Color Run Works

You start white (or mostly white)

Group posing with white Color Run Clean Tees before the race.
This is how you start the Color Run…

And after running for 5 kilometers through clouds of color, you end up … well, not white! Chris watched me participate in the inaugural year of the Color Run and decided to join me the next year. Soon thereafter we were joined by Kyla, Torie, Dash, Jack, my mom and dad, my aunt, and friends of mine for church, high school, and college. We were team D’BOM– named for my children (whose real names are not Kyla, Torie, Dash, and Jack) and named for the explosion of color we were going to encounter!

The Color Run With Kids

Kids can join in the fun of the color run because it’s not about being serious. It’s about making healthy-living fun! Some people look at this and think It doesn’t look fun. The idea of color being splashed all over you doesn’t seem fun? Well, okay, if you look at my face, it looks like I’ve been in a mud pit

The point is that it is fun! That’s it! FUN!!!! For 3 hours, you have fun–anticipating it, participating in it, and reciprocating it (the color love)! They donate a part of your entrance fee to a charity. Last year it was for the homeless, this year it was for Camp Kesem–a camp designed for children of parents who have or have had cancer.

Parents and kids posing with colorfully dyed Color Run t-shirts after the race
Kids can join in the fun because it’s not about being serious

The Color Run has grown from last year’s 50 events with 600,000 participants to over 100 events all over the country and world–Canada and Australia are getting into this too– with over 1,000,000 runners. Here’s how it works.

Like I said, you start out all white at the beginning. When you take off running,At each kilometer mark, you run through a color station like this

This year the colors were blue, orange, yellow, pink/red. At each station you get hit with as little or as much color as you want. I do have to admit you can’t stop for too long. They want to get everyone through the station.

At the end of the race, you run through the finish, meet your team, and get ready for the Color Festival. You’ve never been to a Finish Line Party like this.

Everyone is given a color pack so you race through the whole course holding on to your precious bag of colored fun and throw it into the air with the rest of the Color Crazies!

Still wondering if you want to do this?

Let me just put it this way. It’s a great analogy for marriage/family.

Couple posing with clean white Color Run t-shirts before the race

Once upon a time, you get married with all your perfect plans for the future.

Along the way you meet the midwife who delivers your baby (or babies).

And by the time it’s all said and done, you are nothing but a loud huge family of hot mess–including the messy kids!

You even learn that your parents are messy, too!

But your friends still love you because they have their own mess! Some are messier than others, but it doesn’t matter!

Still not sure if you want to join us? Oh, come on! You know you do! The Color Run is an annual event! It fills up fast so sign up as early as you can to secure your spot!

The Next Twin Cities Color Run is scheduled for July 10th, 2021. Find more information in our Sports Calendar.

... and you end the color run like this.
… and you end the color run like this.

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