Cinderella at Children’s Theatre Company – Review and Parental Guidance

Cinderella is back at the Children’s Theatre Company for Christmas 2019. As always, its a great Holiday outing for the whole family. 

*Featured image courtesy Children’s Theatre Company. Production Photos by David Rubene Photography,


Children’s Theatre Company’s original version of Cinderella follows closer to the Disney version than the Grimm version, all though it occasionally eludes to the grimmer parts of Grimm. This year, the cast has changed slightly and the music and jokes are all updated. The recognizable pop music and up-to-date pop-culture jokes make this a musical that can entertain a whole family — not just the little girls.

Some things we love about Cinderella:

  1. This version puts a little more focus on the self-centered behavior of the stepsisters and stepmother, which makes for a lot of fun and gags throughout the show.
  2. Most of the story contrasts Cinderella’s good-natured loving attitude that comes from putting others first and having a service-oriented life with the self-involved and sometimes mean behavior of the stepsisters and step mother, rather than focusing on the “some day my prince will come” aspect of the fairy tale.
  3. When Cinderella does meet the prince, she is a positive influence on him and encourages him to question the status quo.
  4. While we missed, Dean Holt and Reed Sigmund playing the stepsisters, I felt the cast was better-balanced in this year’s version – giving all the actors a chance to shine.
Rajane Katurah and Alexcia Thompson in Cinderella | Photo by David Rubene Photography

Children’s Theatre Company does a marvelous job of pulling out the best from the various versions of Cinderella to offer a great family Holiday show.

Find Your Way to ‘Cinderella’! from Childrens Theatre Company on Vimeo.

About Cinderella

You’re invited to a beautiful Victorian Holiday party—but be prepared to check your coat, and all sense of tradition, at the door. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE IN FOR HERE! Join us for this high-spectacle, glamorously shameless comedy where anything can happen. We’re really not supposed to say, but there may be… A kiss cam? Cake? T-shirt cannons? Jokes ripped straight from the headlines? Absolutely yes! With a track list filled with modern pop hits and an updated script that spins stunning elegance into madcap, sidesplitting comedy at high speed, this is one party you won’t want to miss!

Things to Know About the Show

  • This show is done in the pantomime style, meaning it contains original music, traditional holiday carols, and current popular songs; jokes and references to pop culture; tons of audience interaction; and lots of slapstick comedy.
  • Children’s Theatre Company has produced this show 15 times!
  • Stick around after curtain: the performance ends in a dance party!

Cinderella runs November 3, 2019 – January 5, 2020
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Parental Guidance for Cinderella

CTC gives this show an all-ages rating. I found nothing objectionable in the show, however, it does get long for younger children. Remember that CTC offers a quiet room if you need it and, if you really have to take a younger child out while the rest of the family stays, it may be a good idea to get tickets for a time when the Minneapolis Institute of Art is open. The MIA’s block room is a life saver for parents of stir-crazy tots.

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