Children’s Theatre Company’s Cinderella

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Children's Theatre Company's CinderellaChildren’s Theatre Company’s Cinderella
November 12, 2013 – January 5, 2014
Recommended for all ages

My 6-year-old daughter, Emily, didn’t catch on immediately, but about 20 minutes into the Children’s Theatre Company’s Cinderella, she turned to me and whispered uncertainly, “Is one of those stepsisters really a man?”

About five minutes later, after watching the stepsisters galumph around the stage in frilly bloomers and drag makeup – bickering, stuffing their faces and harassing Cinderella all the while – Emily continued, “Actually, I think they’re both men! Aren’t they?”

And she was right. Both stepsisters are played by two hilarious longtime members of the CTC Acting Company. If I’d studied the Director’s note in the program I would have been wise to the traditions of the “Modern Pantomime” genre of theater: cross-dressing characters, slapstick comedy, audience participation, pop-culture jokes and musical numbers inserted loosely into a classic fairy tale. Children’s Theatre Company’s Cinderella definitely does not buck tradition!

Children's Theatre Company's CinderellaI think this surprised Emily. Likely, she’d been expecting Disney. Instead, the cast was lobbing candy into the crowd and bringing the audience screaming to their feet. She did relax and warm, though, to the crazy antics of the Stepsisters lacing their corsets and practicing klutzy curtsies for the ball (meanwhile, I was in stitches over Stepsister Dorcas’s rendition of “You Are So Beautiful”).

Princess-lovers, take heart. There are plenty of traditional fairy-tale moments in the show to feast your eyes upon. Emily was enchanted by the Fairy Godmother’s moonlit magic, Cinderella’s debut at the ball, and the Prince begging her to dance past midnight (followed by a soulful Bruno Mars cover).

Children's Theatre Company's CinderellaAlso lovely is the Victorian ensemble that first greets the audience by performing traditional carols in the lobby and then continues the act onstage between scene changes. A night out at Cinderella unexpectedly put me in the mood for the upcoming holiday season and had me thinking that the chance to see such a great show might make a perfect gift for the whole family.

Children’s Theatre Company
2400 Third Avenue S., Minneapolis
Dates: Now through January 5, 2014. Click here for a complete schedule.
Tickets: Start at $20 (children) and $30 (adults) and go up depending on time and date of show. Children 3 & under on laps are charged $10. Find out more about tickets and possible discounts here.

All images are credited to Dan Norman and used with permission from the Children’s Theatre Company.



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