Children’s Library Corner: David LaRochelle

Children's Library Corner

It’s been a while since we have heard from Ann, our local children’s librarian.  She hasn’t forgotten about us, and she’s back with another awesome Children’s Library Corner: David LaRochelle!  

Everyone say, “Hi, Ann!  How’s your summer been?”

While summer for many folks means lazy days of lemonade and porch swings, summer at your local library often means BUSY BUSY BUSY! (Gianna here:  She has been incredibly busy!  I can attest!)Not only do we have double the kids in the library, but there are programs, bookclubs, and our Summer Reading Program activities in general. However, it’s still a great time to take a step back and write about one of my favorite local author/illustrators, Mr. Tall Dave himself, David LaRochelle.

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Children's Library Corner: David LaRochelleLet me start by saying you will be hard pressed to find a nicer person than David LaRochelle. He exudes a calm kindness that will set you at ease and make you feel like there is no place he would rather be than chatting with you. David visited my library during Children’s Book Week this year and has appeared at numerous events in my library system; I have never seen someone who could address a large group of children and make each one feel like he was talking directly to them. If you ever have a chance to bring your children to an event where he is speaking, I highly recommend it!
And his books! OH, the books!

He has two books coming out later this year (2013), but his most recent is “How Martha Saved Her Parents from Green Beans”! It is an extremely clever story about a smart girl and a band of rough, tough green beans out to get her town (and her parents! EEK!) . . . the illustrations of the green bean gang crack me up every time I see it! Have kids who don’t like to eat their vegetables? Give Martha a try!

Among his other 10+ books, my favorite is “The Best Pet of All”, about a little boy who is trying to talk his mother into getting a dog. When she tells him flippantly that he can have a dragon (as if), surprise! He finds one! And brings it home! Maybe a dog isn’t so bad after all . . . brilliant!
David LaRochelle, who lives in White Bear Lake, is a local treasure! We are lucky to have his books to share with our children, and we are lucky that we can bring our children out to meet him and see him talk.

(And I didn’t even touch on his pumpkin carving, which is . . . AMAZING!)

Children's Library Corner: David LaRochelle

All images used with permission from Mr. David LaRochelle!

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