Brillstone Break-in

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Ruhama is back with another book suggestion to make it through this cold weather together. 

Seeing good books languish on the library shelves makes me sad, so I’ve come up with a few pairings to get you to try some of these ‘older’ titles, triggering your memory with something that’s considered a classic. Today’s offering is:

If you loved The Hardy Boys by Franklin W. Dixon then try Brillstone Break-in by Florence Parry Heide!

brillstone break in

image courtesy of Amazon, click on it to purchase book (no affliate link)

The Summary

Liza and Logan are thrust into a mystery when one of their neighbor’s in the apartment building bursts in on the family at dinner to report he had money stolen. The wrinkle? The money was planted in his apartment to look like a bribe, so it has turned into a murky mess. The neighbor insists on not involving the police, so it’s up to the teenagers to solve the crime before the week is over.

The Project Ideas

Liza and Logan run a lot of errands for the folks of their apartment complex. How can you help those that live in your neighborhood, church or community? Check with your local senior center for ideas.

Liza’s dad writes articles for big magazines and one he’s working on during this mystery is all about Egyptian mummies. Visit your local library to see if you can find out more about mummies and create an article that looks like it would be printed in a magazine.

Mr. Hoyt (another neighbor) plays chess with a friend over the telephone. Get a book from the library or join a club to learn chess and then challenge a friend or computer to a game!

Inspired by the chase scene in the garage (which happens mostly in the dark)? Grab some friends and play a few ‘in the dark’ games together like Sardines or Capture the Flag.

Here’s one page describing three games you can play (there are many, many more):

The Food Ideas

Liza’s dad is an amazing cook, and Logan often benefits by eating there when his mother is traveling for work. Here are just a few of the items mentioned in the story:

–Chocolate chip cookies

–Coffee Cake

–Ham and Scalloped Potatoes

–Cheese Dip (and below are a few suggestions as to what that might look like)

The Lowdown

Title: Heide, Florence Parry. Brillstone Break-in. Chicago: Albert Whitman, 1977.

Age level: 4th grade and up

All ages readaloud: no

Series: yes

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