Childish Films Festival Shorts

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In April of 2013, Childish Films introduced families to several short independent films that are both family-friendly and engaging. While Childish Films doesn’t appear to be happening at the library anymore, you can still view these festival shorts at home. These films were selected by the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, and specifically chosen for kids.

 If, like mine, your kids like to watch their favorite videos over and over and over.  You can find them here. We enjoy most of these short films enough that sometimes, we have short film nights at home.

The Tadpole (Guillaume Delaunay, France, 2 min).

Papa Cloudy: Heartfelt Stories of a Gentle Cloud (Akiko McQuerrey, USA, 5 min).  If you like this, there are several more Papa Cloudy videos on Vimeo, too.

How Shammies Guessed (Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 2 min).

Jillian Dillon (Yvette Edery, USA, 4 min) – I’ve shared this one before, but its worth a repeat.  It’s a sweet story about loving yourself for who you are.  “Jillian Dillon” copyright Yvette Edery, Director/Producer “The Foretoken Collection” from Yvette Edery on Vimeo.

The Town Musicians of Bremen (Masataka Hiroyasu, Japan, 4 minutes) I loved this folktale when I was a kid.  Sorry, I couldn’t find this one.  We will all have to wait until Saturday.

How Shammies Teeter-Tottered (Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 2 min) (How Shammies teeter-tottered from Atom Art on Vimeo.)

Into Spring (Udo Prinsen, Netherlands, 5 min) – We really need this film around here this week.  Here is the trailer. (Moving Han: Into Spring from Moving Han on Vimeo.)

Aston’s Presents (Uzi and Lotta Geffenblad, Sweden, 9 min) –It’s fun to watch foreign children’s films and realize you don’t need subtitles.  Children are just universal.  Here is a short excerpt (Aston’s Presents – excerpt from Zigzag Animation on Vimeo.):



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