Check This Out! The May Library List

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May Library List

The May library list is going to add Bookflix picks. The outings connected to these library lists can seem really far away. I want to have time to order the books, pick them up from the library and enjoy them before the event. However, sometimes we just want to be spontaneous with our book choices. That is where Bookflix has been really handy.  The problem is that my kids keep picking the same handful of books, and I want to explore all the titles.  I’ve started using holidays (both obvious and weird) as inspirations for Bookflix picks. At the end of my library lists you’ll find some ideas for holiday and bookflix pairings — of course you can order these books physically from the library, too.

*I am using our Amazon affiliate links instead of linking to one library among the several Twin Cities libraries that our readers patronize, but I always check Hennepin County Library for availability. Everything on this list can be accessed through inter-library loan.

May Library List - Finding Nemo1.)  Finding Nemo – Disney/Pixar

I have somewhat of a screen-heavy list coming out during this Screen Free Week.  It starts with Finding Nemo. The long awaited sequel, Finding Dory, comes on June 17th.  My kids were all born after Finding Nemo had hit its peak craze. They’ve seen it, but possibly don’t remember the plot. This would be a good time to have a refresher since it seems likely someone will take them to see Dory.

May Library List - Monarch Butterflies2.)    How to Raise Monarch Butterflies: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids (How It Works) by Carol Pasternak

Como Zoo’s Blooming Butterflies exhibit returns June 17th and runs through September 5th. We can learn a little more about butterflies by raising our own before heading to the zoo to immerse ourselves in their environment. Another fun option would be the DVD, The Incredible Journey of the ButterfliesWe are currently trying to make our yard into a Certified Wildlife Habitat with the National Wildlife Foundation (which I know is just a gimmicky way to raise money, but its fun and inspirational). We’re hoping we’ll be attracting more butterflies and birds this year. That leads me to Number 3.

May Library List - Birds in Our Backyard3.) Birds in Our Backyard: Say Hello to Minnesota’s Feathered Friends by Bill Marchell and Adele Porter

Get ready for the Urban Birding Festival with a book about local birds. This festival is amazingly rich and encompasses parks, libraries, and nature centers all over the Twin Cities. We have all the events in our family fun calendar. They run between May 12th and May 22nd, and they are all free.

May Library List - Herb & Spice Book4.) The herb & spice book for kids: Gifts to make, crazy cure-alls, food recipes, growing herbs by Alice Siegel

This selection – both the book and the outing – are for me, and my hopes are not high that my children will care about it. However, I’m excited to look this book over. It would be fun to share my interest in herbs with my kids. I’m mixing this with a trip to Fort Snelling to see the exhibit – A Cure for Everything: The Archaeology of Military Medicine at Fort Snelling. This exhibit opens May 28th and runs through October.

May Library List - Looney Tunes5.) Looney Tunes Golden Collection

Minnesota History Center will be hosting the Smithsonian’s traveling exhibit, What’s Up Doc this summer. It opened last weekend and runs through August 14th. I’ve been meaning to introduce my kids to the best of the Looney Tunes, and this seems like a good time to do it. Afterwards, we can enjoy a day at the History Center. We’ll need to request these six DVDs separately, but they would be difficult to get through in one week, so they’ll make a nice summer video theme.

May Library List - Pinocchio6.) Pinocchio: The Tale of a Puppet by Carlo Callodi;  and 7.) Pinocchio – Disney Movie

I don’t remember if I’ve ever read the classic version of Pinocchio, and I do not believe my kids have seen the Disney version. Now seems like a good time to rectify both of those oversights since Pinocchio will run at Children’s Theatre starting July 15th and runs through August 14th.

May Library List - Dandelions8.)  Acorn Pancakes, Dandelion Salad, and 38 Other Wild Recipes by Jean Craighead George

May 15th is Dandelion Day at the Ard Godfrey House. There are surprisingly few kids books about Dandelions that I could find at the library, but this is a place to use Bookflix. The book combo Miss Rumphius and From Seed to Dandelion would be a fun to watch either before or after Dandelion Day.


First Next LastThe following are some other May Holidays and the Bookflix Book Combos that could be paired with them.  If you haven’t used it yet.  Books are paired together a fiction with a non-fiction of a similar topic. Then there are a couple games to play and if you want to learn more, there are links to other websites.  Access Bookflix through your library’s website with your library card.  You can read more about it HERE.

May 3rd: Teacher Appreciation Day:
The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and This is the Way We Go To School.
May 4th: International Respect for Chickens Day
Chicken Little and What is Gravity
The Red Hen and This Is the Way We Help At Home
Rosie’s Walk and A Chick Grows Up
May 6th: Space Day
Space Case and Earth
May 14th: Astronomy Day
Stars! Stars! Stars! and Looking Through A Telescope
May 15th: Peace Officer Memorial Day
Officer Buckles & Gloria and Police Officers On the Go
May 15th: National Dinosaur Day
Dinosaur Bones and Dinosaur Dig
Danny and the Dinosaur and Dinosaur Tracks
May 20th: Ride Your Bike To Work Day
Duck on a Bike and Bicycle Safety
May 20th: World Metrology Day
Inch by Inch and How Long Is It?
May 22nd: Neighbor Day
Knuffle Bunny and Math In the Neighborhood
Chato & the Party Animals and Mi Barrio



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As mentioned above, the links are affiliate links to our Amazon store, but these items can be found at the library.

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