Celebrating the First Birthday of Family Fun Twin Cities

When my Family Fun Twin Cities blog-mate Gianna suggested that we throw a birthday party for the first birthday of Family Fun Twin Cities, it was a good thing we were chatting over the internet. Meaning, she couldn’t see my face. Because I’m not so much the extrovert, the idea of putting a bash together and actually meeting readers face-to-face bordered on bizarre. Herein lies one of the many awesome benefits of working as part of a team of writers: Gianna – and Joy, as well – came up with this great way of celebrating our first year together that I never would have dreamed of pulling off on my own.

Celebrating the First Birthday of Family Fun Twin Cities

Celebrating the First Birthday of Family Fun Twin Cities

Thanks to the generosity of two very family-friendly St. Paul businesses, we were able to host two birthday parties this past weekend to mark the occasion. At both the Red Balloon Bookshop and Choo Choo Bob’s Train Store we had a comfortable, familiar environment to welcome family, friends and even READERS. Yes, readers! A few loyal, a few more brand-new, and all fun to meet face-to-face. (I might interject here that my fears of a real, live party were for naught – though I still wouldn’t dream of trying to pull off such a feat without the personality of Gianna Kordatzky.)

FFTC birthday party

We shared stories, songs, games and, of course, double the birthday cake. We were able to give away prizes from local author Debra Fraiser and toymaker YOXO. Our twelve children between us and our husbands were on hand to support and remind us of why we began this whole website business in the first place.

Thanks to all of you readers who have popped in over the past year and inspired us with your feedback and kind words. We’re excited to find out where we’ll be at this time next year!


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