Celebrating 2 Years of Exploring the Twin Cities with Kids on Family Fun Twin Cities

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Anne, Joy, and I started our adventures in the Twin Cities with kids 10 years ago when our firsts were born. Slowly and surely–or extremely quickly in my family’s case–our quivers have been loaded up with arrows. With each new arrow that was added (read about Joy’s experience), we have learned how to take on the Twin Cities with  not one, not two, not three, but four children in tow.

2 years ago, we realized we had something to share with each other and with you.

Anne and Erin Gianna JoyIt hasn’t been easy.  We’ve gone through significant trials whether it be limited finances, struggling marriages, sick children, sleep deprivation, trying tantrums, breaking-down cars, unmet expectations…. You get the idea.  And we don’t ever want to come across as having all the answers or a know-it-all attitude.

Celebrating Hocky

Starting his love at an early age

There are times when Anne has had to step away from a tantrum in the middle of the library or when Gianna has had to drag her third-born out the door kicking and screaming or when Joy has had to turn to her husband to say, “You need to deal with this because I can’t.”

Ice Castle Beauty

Enjoying Ice Castles in Eden Prairie

Going out in public is not always pretty.  It’s not always easy to get a good picture to remember the “fun times,” because frankly they don’t always happen.

What we do is just keep trying.  And we keep encouraging you to try because somewhere in the midst of all the crazy, stressful, why-did-I-do-this moments, good memories can happen.


We are all loving Joy’s baby girl

Also, it helps to know we aren’t alone.  Our main goal on Family Fun Twin Cities is to be your one-stop resource for Twin Cities Family Fun.  But there are amazing moms out there who write in detail about their escapades and the feelings associated.

They are so relatable that you will find yourself calling them close friends after you’ve read only one post.

So in honor of our birthday, we want to celebrate these local mom bloggers. Hop on over to their sites to see what we mean.

Thank you for all you do, Ladies!  You are truly beautiful, and we are thrilled to be celebrating our birthday month with you.

Lisa Baker

Getting to know Lisa Baker

Galit at These Little Waves

Alice at Dining with Alice

Samara at Simplicity in the Suburbs

Nicki at Minnemama Adventures

Lisa at Twin Cities Frugal Mom

Aimee at Why I Left my  Job

Jen at Life with Levi


Moms protecting moms because moms are rockstars

Jamie at Toys in the Dryer

Kelly at Life in Minnesota

Mary Beth at Baby Savers

Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars

(If your name and site is not included in this list, please contact me and I will make sure to include you)

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About the author

Gianna Kordatzky

I am married to the craziest, most awesome man I know. We have four kids--Ranging in ages from 5-10. You can learn more about my life as a mother and wife at www.giannaraekordatzky.blogspot.com .

I love to throw parties and be with friends. I love to read my Bible and grow closer to God. I love to eat and exercise. I have learned to love coffee.
And I could really use a nap.


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