Celebrate Women in Science with Bakken Museum

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“Girls need to know that there is room for them in this space,” Gaby Ruiz-Colon, biologist.

It’s not a secret that FFTC loves The Bakken Museum.  We love how it incorporates science, engineering, the arts, nature, and discovery.  It’s everything we love all in one cool mansion that Earl Bakken purchased to house all his artifacts.

It’s so cool.

Have I mentioned that yet? Another thing we love is how they support women in science.

Gaby Ruiz-Colon, Biologist and Angela Julin, Archeologist - Women in Science

Gaby Ruiz-Colon, Biologist and Angela Julin, Archeologist

In spring of 2017, The Bakken Museum hosted a Discovery Days dedicated to Women in Science, where we got to meet and interact with women in a variety of scientific professions.

Future Women in Science visiting the Bakken MusuemDiscovery Days Featured Activities

  • Learn about Tiger Conservation
  • Marble Computing Machines
  • Panel Discussion between various local scientists
  • HB Fuller’s Sticky Science Activities
  • More make and take activities

Meet Women Scientist like Gaby Ruiz-Colon and Angela Julin

Two such women scientists with local connections are Gaby Ruiz-Colon and Angela Julin.

Gaby is a biologist who grew up in Puerto Rico and Stillwater.  When she graduated high school, she went out to Harvard to study and worked in the the biology lab.

Angela is an archaeologist who has participated in archaeological digs in the west and southwest regions of the United States. Angela now works with the Bakken Museum.

Why is it important to have Woman in Science Role Models?

“Girls’ interest in science generally peaks at age 11.  The sweet spot to get them excited is between 11 and 14.”

Angela and Gaby hope Women in Science Discovery Days will  spark a passion for kids in science-boys and girls alike.

“I think it would be great for kids to learn about something they didn’t even know existed,” Gaby said.  “And it’s important for girls and boys to see women here.”

NOTE: This Particular Discovery Day is past, but Bakken offers Discovery Days throughout the year and supports the role of women in science all the time.

“We have so many scientists coming, that I don’t know where I’m going to put them all,” Angela stated.  There will be something for your whole family and an interesting person for everyone to meet and connect with.

Discovery Days Women in Science 
Saturday, March 11, 2017 10:30-3:30
Free for Members
Discount for those wearing their scout uniforms
Bakken Museum • 3537 Zenith Ave S., Minneapolis

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