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Children’s Library Corner: Beetles, Lightly Toasted
Children’s Library Corner: David LaRochelle

Children’s Library Corner: Beetles, Lightly Toasted

Introducing our newest children/family literature expert:  Ruhama Kordatzky Bahr. Yes, she is related to me being my sister-in-law. Even so, she is one of the most creative children’s librarians I have ever met. Instead of doing a newly released children’s book review, she wanted to bring to your attention excellent reads that have been overlooked.   
Without further adieu, Ruhama.

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Children’s Library Corner: David LaRochelle

It’s been a while since we have heard from Ann, our local children’s librarian.  She hasn’t forgotten about us, and she’s back with another awesome Children’s Library Corner: David LaRochelle!  

Everyone say, “Hi, Ann!  How’s your summer been?”

While summer for many folks means lazy days of lemonade and porch swings, summer at your local library often means BUSY BUSY BUSY! (Gianna here:  She has been incredibly busy!  I can attest!)Not only do we have double the kids in the library, but there are programs, bookclubs, and our Summer Reading Program activities in general. However, it’s still a great time to take a step back and write about one of my favorite local author/illustrators, Mr. Tall Dave himself, David LaRochelle. Read More

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