BookHounds Invites Lynne Jonell in ‘The Case of Imagination’

In this episode of Bookhounds, meet author Lynne Jonell, who grew up and still lives right here in the Twin Cities. She has wanted to be an author since she was a child. Listen to her talk about her life, her books, and her dream becoming an author and her struggles with illustrating.

“This is what I want to do most in all the world. I want to write books like this for kids like me.”

-Lynne Jonell, age 12

Ms. Jonell grew up in Richfield and now lives in Plymouth.  She loves to tell stories and has a wild imagination!

If your kids are strong readers but not mature enough for some bigger kid books, check out Ms. Jonell’s books. These make great read-alouds for a mixed-age family.

BookHounds Invites Lynne Jonell in 'The Case of Imagination'

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