BookHounds Episode 5: Behold! A Baby by Stephanie Watson

In BookHounds Episode 5, Gianna reviews Behold! A Baby by Stephanie Watson. Joy has also reviewed this book here.

Show Notes

BookHounds Episode 5: Behold! A Baby by Stephanie Watson

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Behold! A Baby

Written by Stephanie WatsonIllustrated by Joy Ang

Published by Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Why I Liked Behold! A Baby

  • Heartwarming topic and solution
  • The big brother has a deep change of heart.  It won’t be for long and it’s more toward his role in the family than toward his brother.

How to Read Behold! A Baby

  • Use four different types of voices. Speak quickly, slowly, loudly and quietly.
  • Have kids hold a doll or stuffed animal and behave like a big sibling
  • Stand as you read the book, like a ringmaster.
  • Use very exaggerated expressions

Activities for Behold! A Baby

  • Make an obstacle course with blocks and other toys for the “baby” to crawl through.
  • Eat bananas
  • Make up a secret language
  • Have kids write notes to each other about why they love each other.

Questions to ask about Behold! A Baby

  • What do you think Big Brother was feeling?
  • When did his feelings change?
  • Do you think he will always like his little brother?


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BookHounds Episode 5: Behold! A Baby by Stephanie Watson

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