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Maryann Weidt is an author, biographer, and librarian who calls the Twin Cities home. She grew up in Hutchinson (an hour west of the Twin Cities) on a farm that she loved. Two of her most popular picture books — Mama Loved to Worry and Daddy Played Music for the Cows — feature that farm.

Mama Loved to Worry by Maryann Weidt
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Daddy Played Music for the Cows
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Biographies by Maryann Weidt

Besides stories about her childhood home, Maryann has written several biographies, including Dr. Seuss, Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks, and Frederick Douglass.

Six Facts About Maryann Weidt

  1. Her favorite books were the Betsy Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace
  2. She has been a librarian for much of her career.
  3. She enjoys seeing her own books on library shelves.
  4. She dances as if no one is watching, which is usually true. 
  5. She rides her bike as if someone is chasing her, which is not true.
  6. She writes books as if no one will read them, which is good advice.
  7. It makes her happy when people do read her books.

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