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Image Courtesy Kurtis Scaletta

Kurtis Scaletta is a local author of novels for young readers, including: Mudville (2009), Mamba Point (2010), The Tanglewood Terror (2011), and The Winter of the Robots (2013). He also writes the Topps League series.

Children’s Library Corner: Introducing Kurtis Scaletta

It’s absolutely amazing the vast array of authors we have in the Twin Cities, let alone children’s authors.  Honestly, I can’t keep up with my list of writers I want to get to know better.  But I’m trying.

We are so book blessed to be in the Twin Cities.  With so many different genres represented, it’s pretty easy to find a subject matter your child likes and personally meet someone who writes it.

Today, I want to introduce you to Kurtis Scaletta. Kurtis writes novels for young readers. He is a daddy and a husband.  He loves baseball.  And since he lives right here in the Twin Cities, he fits right in!   But I think I will let him tell you about himself.

Kurtis Scaletta I was born in Louisiana but as an Air Force brat I moved a lot. Later my dad joined the Foreign Service and I kept moving—this time to places like West Africa and South America. I now live in Minneapolis with my wife and preschool-aged son and five (!) cats. I have a “day job” at the Loft literary Center, where I manage online classes. 

My first paid publication credit was a story in Cicada magazine. I have four books with Knopf Books for Young Readers: Mudville, Mamba Point, The Tanglewood Terror and The Winter of the Robots. I also have a six-book series called the Topps League published by Abrams. 

MambaPoint by Kurtis Scaletta

Mamba Point is a personal favorite because it’s based so much on personal experience and because it reconnected me to a lot of people I hadn’t talked to in 25 years.

I wanted to write books from the time I was six years old. Nothing else came close!  Books gave me so much pleasure as a kid, and I want to re-create that magic.

The 823rd Hit by Kurtis ScalettaLiving in the Twin Cities offers Kurtis and his family many things to do. He loves the biking and running trails shich are some of the best in the country.  He and his wife enjoy taking their three year old son to Choo Choo Bob’s.  it’s one of their family favorites (we hear you there!  It’s one of FFTC’s favorites, too).  After visiting Choo Choo Bob’s, they usually stop at Izzy’s, too.  (Woot!  Woot!) They love visiting Red Balloon and the zoo, too!

If they are hungry, the Scaletta family likes to check out Hazel’s in NE Minneapolis or The Fifties Grill in Brooklyn Center.  Great food and fun family atmosphere make both of these winners for them.

While Kurtis never once mentioned cheering for the Twins (I’m gonna assume he does), he made it perfectly clear that you will never catch him rooting for the New York Yankees.

Being that he is a daddy to a preschooler and is a children’s book writer, I wanted to ask him what he thought of Dr. Suess.  (Mostly because Dr. Suess is super fun and super tiresome).  Here’s what Kurtis had to say:  I really like his artwork and his inventiveness – the preposterous animals, bizarre musical instruments, and so forth. My favorite of his books is Horton Hears a Who.  (I have to say my daughter’s favorite is Horton Hatches an Egg–kindred spirits, I tell you)

Winter of the Robots Kurtis ScalettaYou can find Kurtis Scaletta’s books at Red Balloon and Wild Rumpus or any of our local bookstores.

By Gianna Kordatzky 11/15/2013

*Images and bio used with permission from Kurtis Scaletta.

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