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Kirsten B. King and I have known each other for many years.  She, with her husband Kenny, is one of our youth pastors.  (Though being an Evangelical Free Church, she doesn’t officially have the title as pastor–but I’m not getting into that right now)  She is the person I frantically text when my daughters are going through a thing and I have no idea how to parent them.

Sometimes she guides me through, and sometimes I beg her to talk to them instead of me.  It’s a very beneficial partnership for me.

However, she is much more than that.  Kirsten B. King is a dynamic speaker.  She spends many weekends away at retreats and conferences, teaching people about Jesus.  She writes Bible Studies.  She is a fabulous musician.  She also is an entertaining storyteller which I appreciate in three ways.

Listen and Read Kirsten B. King

Her Good Story Podcast

Her Instagram Account 

Her children’s book Izzy Itzhak’s Instrument Invention

Izzy Itzhak's Instrument Invention

In this book, you join Izzy in his journey to create the exact right instrument for a hard-to-please customer.  Will he do it?  You will have to read it to find out!

Also, Kirsten has some entertaining ideas for more children’s books.  So stay tuned for more information about upcoming books.

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