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Our April Family book list is a barrel of fun. Adorable picture books by local authors, a classic mystery that I couldn’t put down, and a wide selection of non-fiction books that I devoured. All that plus a middle grade audiobook that was probably my new favorite.  (At least for right now)

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Picture Books

April Family Book List - Bim, Bam, Bop and OonaBim, Bam, Bop…and Oona  

By Jacqueline Briggs Martin
Illustrations by Larry Day
(Illustrations are watercolor and pen?)

Everyone is special and everyone adds a little something to this world. In this book featuring four barnyard waterfowl, Oona discovers with the help of her friend Roy (the Frog) that her gifts make her special and unique. And she should appreciate them.

I loved the thematic message of this book as well as the supplemental messages like ‘don’t give up’ and ‘be kind.’

April Family Book List - Isle of YouIsle of You

By David LaRochelle
Illustrated by Jaime Kim
(Illustrations are watercolor with digital tools)

Another story about being yourself.  Life is an adventure and David LaRochelle crafts meaningful word pictures to explain it. And ultimately because of the Isle of You, you learn that you are loved.  Deeply. Every part of you.

I love David LaRochelle’s books.  His word play in this book is exceptionally creative without being obvious. And fun.  It’s a super fun book.

Middle Grade

April Family Book List - City of EmberThe City of Ember
By Jeanne DuPrau

All Lina and Doon know is their city is getting more and more desperate for supplies.  There are more and more blackouts and les and less light bulbs. Ember is always dark, only know its day when the lights are turned on.  And there is nothing outside of Ember. What Lina and Doon (with the rest of the residents of Ember) don’t know is that they are underground.  Unlike the rest, Lina and Doon feel like there is something more. Will they find the city in Lina’s dreams?

Young Adult (YA)

April Family Book List - SoloSolo
By Kwame Alexander and Mary Rand Hess

This book written in verse is the story of Blade Morrison, a senior graduating high school whose dad is Rutherford Morrison–legendary Rock & Roll star. Blade lives in Hollywood and is rich! But that doesn’t matter because his dad is an addict. Rutherford ruins everything for Blade. Blade’s two escapes are his girlfriend, Chapel, and his music.  But then everything changes.

April Family Book List - Girl on a WireGirl on a Wire
By Gwenda Bond

Julieta Maroni is the only child in a circus family whose matriarch, Nan, has a bit of magic in her blood.  However, she also has a past history with the Garcia family. Julieta convinces her family that the Maronis and Garcias can perform together despite the feud and maybe even reconcile. What she doesn’t understand is how deep the feud goes and how it will affect her family.

Adult Fiction

April Family Book List - And Then There Were NoneAnd Then There Were None
By Agatha Christie

Ten strangers (except for a married couple) are invited to Indian Island mysteriously by U.N. Owen whom they do not know.  As the dinner party is about to begin, each one is faced with an accusation. And that’s when the craziness begins. As the poem 10 Little Indians reads, all 10 guests are labeled.  It’s really hard to describe this story without giving it away. It reminded me of the movie Clue.

Adult Non-Fiction

April Family Book List - EducatedEducated
By Tara Westover

Growing up in Idaho with a father who was mentally ill and a mother who submitted to his every temper, Tara was the youngest of seven in a Mormon family. Her father hated all things government including school, taxes, hospitals,etc.  No one was sent to school. Instead they were brainwashed, manipulated, and put in many many dangerous situations. This story is super sad. I wish that she was a follower of Jesus, but I’m glad that she is out of the terror she grew up in.

Dare to Lead
By Brene Brown

I’m glad I listened to this instead of reading the book.  Though I do wish I had the book to copy lines into my book journal.  This book encourages vulnerable leadership and gives us practical steps for it.  I began using some of its principles immediately after reading it.

By Abby Johnson

This is the true story of Abby Johnson, worked at  a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas for eight years including being its director. She wanted to help women and reduce the number of abortions. But as she became more aware of the purpose of the business side of the clinic and how it was funded, she became more aware of its true mission.

Atomic Habits
By James Clear

The most effective change is the one that begins at the most basic level.  As in the building block level. As in atoms. This is the best self help book I have ever read.  Because through it, you can take action. Start Small.

Glitter and Glue
By Kelly Corrigan
Memoir, Audiobook

Kelly Corrigan writes poignant memoirs. I loved Tell Me More so much that I didn’t think anything could come close, but this one may have even TOPPED it for me. Possibly because I listened to the audiobook narrated by Kelly herself. I felt like, in a way, she was describing my relationship with my mom even though her mom is NOTHING like mine.  

This book is a jewel.

There you have it. That is our April Family Book List for 2019, but these books will be good anytime you decide to read them. If you are looking for more ideas, you can check out the Family Book List from last month.

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