Book Review: It’s Monday Mrs Jolly Bones by Warren Hanson

It’s Monday Mrs Jolly Bones
by Warren Hanson
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa
Available at Local Bookstores and Libraries
It's Monday Mrs Jolly Bones by Warren Hanson

It’s Monday Mrs Jolly Bones by Warren Hanson is an enjoyable book — both for the story and the pictures. In this poetic story, an unconventional old woman tackles the traditional weekly chores with a funny twist at the end of each chore.  The kids particularly like her bath in the toilet after cleaning all day on Wednesday. 

This book is suggested for ages 2 – 6. My audience was 1 – 8, and none of them really got the humor. The 8-year-old said Mrs. Jolly Bones and her friends were all weird. Which is pretty accurate. Despite this, I would rank this book high on the re-read scale.  It’s amusing to me, and that is important when it comes to re-reading a book. If I’m enjoying the book, the kids will enjoy it more, too. The story has nice cadence and a flow to it that make reading out loud easier.  It rhymes which also makes reading out loud easier since the reader can anticipate and memorize the lines with ease.

The illustrations tell the story all by themselves.  They add a depth to the story that could have been missing.  For instance, the expressions on the neighborhood faces as Mrs. Jolly Bones tosses her clothes out the window is priceless.  People who are only walking through the neighborhood look bemused, confused or scared.  Her neighbors, on the other hand, look unconcerned, angry or amused — as if they see this every week.  On days I don’t really feel like reading, we could study the pictures together and make up our own stories to expand on the poem.

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