5 Unique Birthday Parties for Kids on Location

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Are you looking for ideas for birthday parties for kids? Remember when you were a kid and the coolest thing in the world was to have a birthday party at McDonald’s?  

You don’t remember that?  

Maybe it was just me.  I never got a birthday party at McDonald’s, and I always wanted one.

I believe McDonald’s still does birthday parties for kids if you are interested, but there are more unique places to book your celebration. Here are some incredibly cool places to host birthday parties for kids.

Come to think of it, today McDonald’s may be considered unique and a little retro.

MN Air National Guard offers birthday parties for kids

image courtesy MN Air National Guard Museum Website

Minnesota Air National Guard Museum
670 General Miller Drive, Building 670
St. Paul, MN 55111-4114
(612) 713-2523
To Schedule Event:  Call or Email Nancy Wilson 612-210-9839 or nancyspecialeventsmnangmuseu@gmail.com

The Minnesota Air National Guard Museum is home to one of the largest displays of military aircraft in the five state area. The 21 aircraft displayed in our air park includes fighters, cargo planes, helicopters, and utility aircraft used by the US military from pre-WWII to present day. In the hangars are displays of ejections seats, flight simulators, jet and piston engines, plus weaponry from WWI to present day.  Also on display are ancillary artifacts, historical documents, photographs, manuscripts and books. There are also Doolittle and Tuskegee Airmen exhibits.    –MN Air National Guard Website

  Got a history lover or airplane lover in your family?  This may be the perfect location for the birthday boy or girl.

The Firefigheter's Museum has birthday parties for kids -- sometimes with rides on a firetruck!

image courtesy of Firefighter’s Hall & Museum

Firefighters Hall & Museum
664 22nd Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418
$100/party of 20 guests

After your group arrives, we start off with a fire safety demonstration, which takes about
10 minutes time. Then we provide a tour of the museum, which includes some history of
firefighting. The kids do a bucket brigade, slide a fire pole, pull a fire alarm etc. as part of that
tour. In the summer the kids get to pump water into a simulated apartment building 
outside. We also provide a fire truck ride for everybody in the party (April through October,
weather permitting)   –Firefighters Hall & Museum Website

I’ve got a little guy who wants to be a firefighter when he grows up.  This would be the perfect location!  Who do you know who would love this?

If you are looking for ideas for crafty birthday parties for kids - Heartfelt is your go to.

4306 Upton Ave S

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410
Three Birthday Party Options Ranging in price from $149-$299

At Heartfelt, we offer unique craft activities, face painting, and games to help celebrate your child’s special day. Saturday afternoons or Fridays after school are available to book your child’s party.
“We celebrated my daughter’s seventh birthday at Heartfelt. It was the best birthday experience we’ve had. The kids spent the time together working on a craft project. Afterwards, they had the freedom to play and wander through the creative environment. Not only did the kids have a great time, several of the parents stayed because the store has such a warm, relaxing vibe. Absolutely the easiest, best party we’ve had in the past seven years!” – Christi
–Heartfelt Website

These parties are perfect for the Creative in your family. The activities are unique and enjoyable for everyone. 

Who can beat Izzy's Ice Cream for birthday parties for kids?

image courtesy of Izzy’s Ice Cream

Izzy’s Ice Cream
2034 Marshall Avenue

Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 603-1458
$165 for 8 guests

Become a true ice cream novelty maker where you get to learn the ins-and-outs of our novelty making kitchen.  Learn how we make our ice cream novelties, how we come up with our ice cream flavors, and where we get our ingredients. Next, mix your own ice cream (made especially for the birthday boy or girl). While the ice cream is mixing, everyone gets to help make a batch of brownies by taking an ingredient and adding it to the bowl….
-Izzy’s Ice Cream Website

Ice cream lovers unite at this unique experience.  Tasty treats for your birthday kid’s tongue.

Base Camp is the place for active  birthday parties for kids.Base Camp, the Boy Scouts of America Northern Star Council
201 Bloomington Road

Fort Snelling, Minnesota
For Reservations: 612-767-0042  or basecamp@nsbsa.org
$9-$30/participant plus $40-$60 Room Rental fee (optional)

Base Camp is a year round exciting and affordable space to host birthday parties for kids. Birthday parties can choose from any of the age-appropriate programs listed in this catalog and also have the option of renting one of Base Camp’s auxiliary rooms for presents, cake, and/or other self-run activities. Parties typically last between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the program selected  —Base CampWebsite

From team building activities for preschoolers to space shuttle simulator experiences and cycling adventures for teens and adults, Base Camp has all kinds of high adventure thrills!

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