Birthday Giveaway: Our First Love–BOOKS!

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Contest is now Closed.
Congratulations to Katie! I have sent an email to you with more information so look for it in your inbox!
Thank you all for participating and we look forward to more great family fun in the future!


Minnesota Historical Society Press is a local publishing company based through the Minnesota Historical Society.  (Now, wasn’t that a brilliant statement?  Bear with me as I have been in a sick household for the past month!)  It started in 1859 and is now the largest historical press in the country.  They publish books that highlight our region of this planet and usually by local authors. Subjects include–but are not limited to

  • Native Americans
  • Historical Figures: Men and Women
  • Cooking
  • Agriculture
  • Art
  • Military History
  • Nature

Relatively recently (without the past decade), MHS Press has begun to publish children’s picture books.  Local authors and illustrators–like David LaRochelle, Debra Jo Larson, and Kevin Kling–develop and create these beautifully rich books.  They speak of the beauty of our land, history, and our people.  Even current characters from Minnesota. 

You can find their books all over the state or the country (under the name Borealis Books).  You can search for their books online. 

Or It’s Birthday Present Time!FFTC_favicon

 MHS Press was so gracious and offered to our readers Minnesota’s Hidden Alphabet by Joe Rossi and David LaRochelle and Big Little Brother by Kevin Kling and Chris Monroe.  One explores the natural Minnesota land through the alphabet and the other is Kevin Kling’s personal memoir (not exactly) about growing up–in Minnesota, though it’s not mentioned–as the older and smaller brother.

Giving away presents on our birthday sounds like a lot of fun!  If you want to join in the fun, here are the rules!

  • Logo_SquareOne entry per person.  If your email is not included, we will choose a new winner.  
  • Winner must live in the US.
  •  To Enter Giveaway:  Leave a comment with your email about why you use Family Fun Twin Cities and what you would find more helpful in the future.


This Giveaway is open until Wednesday, April 25, 2014 at noon Central Time.

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  • I use Family Fun Twin Cities to find out ideas about events around town. I would love to see more reviews of family outings and maybe even restaurants (kids menus?) – I’d love to contribute!

  • Thanks for posting this free give away. Just another bonus of being connected to your site. I can’t tell you all the great information I get here that keeps me sane during the week. Even as we speak I’m looking up last minute things to do with my little guy. We just moved here and it’s been a great resource to help build a schedule for a stay at home mom and her very active and curious 2 year old. Keep the wonderful ideas coming!
    Martine and Noah

  • Your website was a lifesaver when we moved to MN and the Twin Cities area last summer. I would like to see a more comprehensive way to reference activities/places for kids that are open our a longer period of time or permanently, for instance-by location, so when we’re stumped this summer, I can click and see what near us at a glance. I’m also sure I just need to get used to the new format, but I find it harder to navigate than the old setup. Thanks for all the ideas over the past year!

  • I use Family Fun Twin Cities every week to scout out hidden gems that I never would have known about otherwise. Just last weekend my boys, husband and I visited the Commemorative Air Force Museum because I had found out about it on the free calendar. The multi-part reviews of indoor playgrounds were also an absolute godsend this past winter!

  • I love finding out about events and activities to do with my kids. If it weren’t for your website, I would not know about a lot of great opportunities.

  • Family Fun Twin Cities is the main way I find out about things going on in the area — not a lot of blogs cover Minnesota. As far as what I would like to see more of, I’d say giveaways 😉

  • I like knowing what is happening around town. Plus, I enjoy the diversity of events. I agree with other posts, perhaps more family events or activities for little ones! Thanks for the newsletter!

  • I love how easy it is to find free events on your website! It may be helpful to have activities separated by age group (infant, toddler, pre school…)

    • I agree, these were great books for learning even more. However, you should really thank Minnesota Historical Society Press. They were so generous in sharing these marvelous books.

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