Birth Story – A Kordatzky Adventure

This upcoming weekend is the kick-off for the St. Paul Winter Carnival, but I think I’ve had enough excitement in one wintery day for the rest of my life. It’s a birth story, but thankfully not mine.

birth storyThis is my friend Dacia.

This is a picture of her communicating to the world that she has just had her baby.

And thankfully at the Birth Center.

That’s where the adventure part comes in.

birth storyThis is me with Dacia. And you can’t see her baby because I do not have permission to post her baby’s delicous head of hair over the internet.  But trust me when I say I’m holding her, and I don’t really want to let her go.

Before I tell you the rest of the story, doesn’t Dacia look incredible? A couple of hours before this picture was taken, she did not look this good.  Everything was normal and healthy during labor, but it’s exhausting work.  She looks radiant here.  Amazing what a new baby can do.

My face says it all.

birth story

This is Andy and Dacia with their new baby.

They made it.  Everyone was safe and healthy. And they were in the Birth Center.

That morning snow was falling heavily.  

The roads were starting to get backed up, and  I was oblivious to all of this when I got a text that said, “Maybe?”

I was already awake and working at my kitchen table, so I said, “Keep me posted.  I’m up.”  I went into our bedroom and woke my slumbering husband who was a champ and got up to get ready for work and to get the boys up.

I waltzed into the girls’ room, turned on the light and shouted, “There’s a baby coming today.”  I did not get the response I had expected.

“Augh! Mo-om! Don’t do that!”

A phone call confirmed that yes, she was indeed in labor.  To which I replied, “You are ready to have this baby at any moment.  It would be good to get to the hospital.”

Then, I needed to brush my teeth.  Nothing is worse than being in labor and having one of your coaches breathe in your face with stinky breath.  After I was dressed and ready to go, I hugged the kids, kissed Chris good-bye, and tromped through ankle-deep snow.

This was going to be interesting.

On the roads, the snow was piling up.  Cars were driving slowly.  Very slowly.  Dacia told me to meet her and Andy at the “hospital.”  I said okay.

As I got closer to the Birth Center, Dacia told me that they had brought pillows and blankets in case they needed to stop at the clinic to have the baby.

I needed to make a decision.  Do I get to the hospital and wait for what could potentially be hours and not be with her or do I try to go to where she is and be together?  It was a no-brainer at this point.  I needed to find her.  So I veered away from the hospital and thus my one-hour journey turned into a three-hour journey to Dacia’s baby’s birth during one of Minnesota’s famous rush hour snowfalls.

Those were long three hours!   I chewed off every single fingernail.  I called my dad and three different friends to try to do something with all the anxiety I was feeling.  And they listened patiently and encouraged me.

Because the traffic was so horrendous, Dacia and Andy finally pulled over for an ambulance and sent me a message to meet them at the hospital.  But even that didn’t calm me.  I called everyone again and screamed, “She’s going to have the baby in the ambulance!”  Looking back on it now, would that have been so bad?  No, but I didn’t want her to be alone.

Finally, 15 minutes from the hospital, I started laughing a little maniacally,  “Oh, this is going to be the best birth story ever.”  I breathed and relaxed (slightly).  And made it to the Birth Center, missed the entrance to the parking ramp, parked a block away, went to the bathroom (I had needed to go for the entire car ride), was told to go to the first floor, was told to go to the third floor, and then was asked, “Who?” when I got there.

After all that, there was no way I was not going to be with my sisterfriend.  

I finally called her phone, her midwife answered, and she gave me the room number.

When I walked in, I saw relief flood her whole body. 15 minutes later, Andy walked in.  And all was right in the world for this precious time.  Everyone was where they were supposed to be.

We weren’t really expecting some crazy adventure like what we had. I know Dacia wouldn’t have ever chosen this adventure, but that’s what she got.  We can either embrace it or we can fight what life brings our way.

This is life, and it’s full of adventures.  Dash’s surgery and Dacia’s labor remind me of that.  Those are big events, but life is full of small events, too.  Like a letter in the mail or a new haircut or a  surprise trip to the park.  You can do that for your kids.  Or you can invite them to the birth of their sibling and give them the important job of announcing boy or girl!

IMG_0050[1]IMG_0049[1]But that’s an amazing story for another time.

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